Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring finally came...

Spring came on Saturday with temperatures almost hitting the 20 degree Celsius mark.  Spring is the time for flowers and photography because after 3 month of gloomy clouds and skies of spring, it is great to go out and soak up the sun.  Went to the Tesselaar Tulip festival with a bunch of the guys for a photography outing and since Saturday was their Dutch festival so it was a great opportunity for a photography outing.  Took us around and hour train ride from the city and another 20 minutes bus ride to the farm.  It was way beyond the suburbs.  When we reached there, it was packed with people. Reaching the farm, you are not only surrounded by people but rows of tulips.

Rows of bright tulips and sea of people.

However, don't let the pictures fool you. The farm is actually quite small. But the atmosphere was good.  It is interesting to see how the Aussies will come out during a sunny day with their family.  Oh yea, imagine the numbers of cameras taking pictures at the festival.  

Family outings. Baby having lots of fun trying to run away.

Dutch music and dances can be seen in the festival.  Oh yea, for those who are thinking whether there were the "Dutch lady" milkmaids carrying milk buckets and all... The answer is... Sort of yes, but they were not holding any milk buckets and they are all around the age of 50++.  I guess all the young generation ladies would not want to dress up like that. LOL.

Besides flowers, the second or maybe the most photogenic moments are seeing little children running across the fields of flowers or playing in the patches of grass.  Its so cute seeing little ones treating what we think is just patches of land as their personal playground and not having a care in the world who is watching.  Their innocence and joy is just too irresistible.  
This cute little boy was throwing a tantrum on the grass while we were sitting at a table drinking coffee.  His blue eyes and curly blond hair is just so lovely.  I am so surprised that my compact camera could somehow focus and bring out the colour of his eyes.

He is just too cute. Love his blue eyes.

And this cute kid stood in front of us for about a minute or two doing this.

There was food and ice-cream for sale. "I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ICE-CREAM!"

The folk dance presentation was interesting but I couldn't get any nice shots because there was just too many people in front of me and that I couldn't focus on any of the dancers.  But nonetheless, there were some interesting shots of children watching the dances.

Riding high on daddy's shoulders.

I ain't sharing my cookie with you.

Little girl drinking from her bottle, apparently getting bored of the dances.

The dawn of a new season was apparent with bees flying from flower to flower generating new life.  And also one of the reasons I am sneezing and coughing now. Pollen and dust is not good for an asthmatic person like me.
But its still very nice for spring to come... Just hope this Hay-fever won't last long.

Loving colours.

Baby Llama.

But the shot of the day which can make one smile is this cute little girl.  While I was sitting on the grass soaking in some sunshine, this little girl, with her dad right behind her walked towards us and danced.  So cute! She waved, smiled and danced.  Little kids can be so adorable.



Awwww... This made my week....

But being a parent is not easy, having to chase the little ones must be tiring.  but I guess the moments are very worthwhile..
Happy Spring People!

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