Friday, September 24, 2010

It is spring but it feels like winter...

Spring is supposedly here but the weather is still kind of chilly in the City Down Under (Melbourne City) but according to the weather forecast, its going to be warmer in the next few days.  Well, I should be glad that the University is having it's 2 weeks "Spring"/ mid-semester break but there is just too much work to finalize and the laziness is just not helping one bit.  The only fun part for this break is the spontaneous plans made by Daniel and that the photography session really allowed me to "chill" and think less (I really need to, according to my tutor).  The walk in the park so to speak was inspiring.  The idea of capturing the essence of the evening sun was totally ruined by the gloomy clouds hovering in the skies but nonetheless, some beautiful shots were captured of Princess Park.
cloud and gloom
Gloomy and cloudy day.

The one thing I love about the people of Melbourne is how much they care and love their dogs.  Walking in the park, one can see owners playing fetch with their dogs or even seeing the dogs jogging beside their masters (mostly leash-less) and being very obedient.  The water fountains found in the park did not only serve the humans but also for the canine friends.

But enough about the love for dogs.  Spring is here and the one thing to look forward to are the things that grows in spring.  Especially the flowers which starts to bloom in spring.  There are not many now, but soon, I hope.

spring bloom
White flowers blooming on the hedges.

Bunch it up
Leaves or flowers?

And yes, the textures of the trees are absolutely beautiful.

welcome spring
The dim spring light is indeed beautiful, not to mention the park.  Smells like I need to start jogging more...

But how can I?  A mountain of work awaits.....

Happy Spring Time!