Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 23rd!

Happy or not happy... I celebrated my 23rd birthday just recently. Happy part was, my birthday fell 2 days after my final studio presentation so it was the right time to celebrate, and that I celebrated my birthday one day after with a good friend of mine Daniel and we were treated to a Meat Buffet at Docklands.  I have to thank Darren, Aaron Lau, Ben, Bryan, Amanda, Yee Von, and Lydia for the wonderful time together.
Group photo taken from Daniel's blog.
Well, I am glad the semester is over. One of my worse years (I hate 2010) ever and am hoping it ends soon.  But in the end, the work didn't turn out as badly as I expected and am just patiently waiting for the final exams and then the plans I am about to make for the holidays. I am contemplating whether I should try to find a job here or go back to Malaysia to spend time with my family... Missing home already.  Next year will be an even more challenging year and my path is still unknown.. Feel kinda useless really. I thought I got everything planned out but I suppose.  Nothing ever goes to plan in life. Will show my studio work in the future post.  For now... Chilll.... And ponder what things life shall bring....


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