Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spring sunrise

It's that time of semester again where the final semester design project is about to due and when sleeping at 6am in the morning is a norm.  Sigh.. Not a happy semester, that I can tell you.  This week (including last Friday) was so stressful, and losing a dear dear friend does not help either.  Rebekah, really really miss you my friend, may you rest in peace as this is my final goodbye as I move on in life.


As memories came flooding in, Rebekah, you were more than just a good friend, you were like a little sister to me.  I remember the times when we brought you to school in the morning before you could even drive.  We were always greeted by you smiles and cheerful but sleepy “good mornings”.  I remember the good times we had in secondary school and especially when we were serving in the Wesley Youth Service.  When we went on our different path in life, I am glad we still met up when we were back in Sibu.  With your cheerful and cheerful smile.  I remember me, always messing up your hair just to disturb you and getting scolded by my mum.  Those were such great memories. The loss of a great friend is hard to bear, the loss of someone close is heart-breaking. 

Rebekah, though you were physically weak, you were one of the strongest and most passionate people I ever knew.  You brought smiles and happiness into so many people’s live.  Through music, friends, and even church.  Your life was a testimony for all who knew you.  Through all these sadness, I still thank God for a friend and a sister like you.  You will be deeply missed and will always be remembered.  Rebekah, thanks for being you. Thanks for being my friend. And as I can’t fly back to say goodbye, my heart is praying for you and your family.  See you in Heaven soon my friend.

Aaron C"

As I walked back this morning, and as the sun began to rise, I somehow felt it within me that God was telling me how wonderful and important life is.  Looking at the sky, I thought to myself: "God is indeed very creative and wonderful."  Even when stuff gets tough, I know my God is there for me.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  So as I go off to bed, let me share with you what beauty I saw this morning. 

It is as if God is telling me: "Have a great day.." so I would like to wish everyone:
"Have a Great day!"


Bentuckee said...

my condolences to you and ur friends. i didnt know her actually, until i was intro to her a few weeks before coming to aussie. yeah, she's a nice girl with sweet smile.

No worries. heaven is blessed with her arrival. she is now in a better place. :)

take care.

Aaron C. said...

Yea, I know Benny. Well, God is good all the time. How are you man?

Bentuckee said...

i'm good. after next week i'm done with 3rd year and will go back in Nov. you will be going back too rite?

Aaron C. said...

Yea. But not sure when yet.