Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Year end and sunsets

Sometimes when we are to engulfed in our goals and dreams that time just passes at a blink of an eye. It is already the end of 2010 and Christmas is coming soon, the semester is over, results are out and I finished by degree. Next step.. Going back to Malaysia, enjoy 3 months of break and apply for masters. I am glad I am ending my "stay" in Melbourne for the year 2010 with a beautiful sunset at St Kilda beach. It was a bright and sunny Summer Saturday and I decided to head for the beach to catch the sunset. And with no regrets, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Sunset at St Kilda 5
It was already 8 pm. when the sun began to set. With the warm weather, comes a beautiful orange hue sky.

Sunset at St Kilda 4
A ship passes creating a silhouette with a beautifully painted background.

Sunset at St Kilda 3
Beauty like this makes you want to live longer, to fight and live life. To capture every beauty that God provides for us.

Sunset at St Kilda 1
Thank God for beautiful world He created.

Last sunset by the beach before I head back to Malaysia in a few days. Can't wait. Family and friends and FOOD!!! I am coming back to you.

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