Saturday, January 22, 2011


Should be updating more since its the holidays but what the heck... Been so lazy to update. But I still see people looking into my blog once in a while, so "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support.

It's already 2011! Can you imagine that? I am now a degree holder upon graduating from The University of Melbourne, though it is not official because I haven't gone to the ceremony. OH WELL! Many stories and pictures to share with you for this new year but then like I said. Lazy me!

Anyway, in conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year, I came up with some CNY bunnies since it's my year, the year of the Rabbit! Woots!

3 brutal rabbit
Happy Soon to be Chinese New Year yo!

Rabbits are too cute to be made into fearsome cartoons. I feel that this cartoon by me is just to tame... Oh well... Gonna be a peaceful year then.. Wait till the coming post... Lets see, 2 weddings and trip to Singapore... :P

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