Saturday, January 26, 2008

LameVille Inc.

LameVille sounds lame right? Well, it started because of a very lame story which I won't even bother going into. However, it consists of 7 individuals with lame post. HAHA. In short, it is a group of friends of 7 people. There simple. But the group can grow depending on the requirements (won't bother talking bout it here). With the designers and creators of the MB00- Egg drop apparatus series permission, I can now introduce and post up pictures of this unique MB00- series. Well, you all seen mine, MB004. Now let me introduce you to the rest.

MB001 a.k.a. Gasing

MB002 a.k.a. Takraw

MB003 a.k.a Bulu Tangkis

All the above looks like the traditional games in Malaysia. That is where the name MB came from.. Wanna know what MB stands for? Its not Mega Bites or Must Break or etc but it means Malaysia Boleh or maybe it means Model Boleh (means Malaysia can in english). However, my group MB004 a.k.a Star Bright does not look like any traditional games.. Oh well, Join la.. Malaysia has the 13 edge star on the flag anyway.. And Sarawak has 6 so there... The Star.. HAHA...

MB004 a.k.a Star Bright.

But what is the model without the creators right?

Wai Sie and Darren with MB001

Daphne and Hau Yee with MB002

Sherman (red shirt), without his partner Li Qun who went out with his girlfriend instead of joining us. Ignore the one in black, the feet and the hand holding up the box.. Just the props..

Me and Huei Liq with MB004..

Submission day is always the happiest day for the Taylor's SABD (School of Architecture, Building and Design) students.. It is a totally different story if one haven't completed their assignments. Well, for us, we were so happy... Look at smile on Hau Yee's face..

Just for laughs...

Hau Yee:" Hmph, why are you competing with me? I have a better smile."

Well, we went to pyramid to have some R&R.

4 Unagi Bimbiba with 4 eggs to remind us bout the egg drop assignment and maybe the out come of our poor egg during D-day (Drop day) at the end of February at our SABD camp to Kuala Selangor.. Wahooo...

By the way, Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks away so to those overseas, Happy Chinese New Year...

Signing off, Aaron.

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