Sunday, September 14, 2008

Doinkey's belated birthday surprise...

Hau Yee, a.k.a. Miss Doinkey turned 19 on the 9th of September but we celebrated her birthday on the 11th due to her not being able to come to college on the 9th because she wanted to finish iff her 3d max assignment which was due on the 10th. See, or schedule is so packed. Comfusing isn't it. Well, we found an excuse to make her come on the 9th, but she was so smart that she avoided us (Must be on purpose) so the planning began. We set the date on the 11th because we had Studio classes on that day = she can't run, she can't hide. No special plans for her party because we were all too busy with our assignments so a small meaningful one was planned.

As the usual "Cake delivery guy", I went to Bake Sense and got a choclate cake (Doinkey *hearts* chocolate) with Macademia nuts.

And since we were in architecture course and the Beijing Olympics just ended a few weeks ago, I found the best choclate decoration which resembles the Bird nest stadium in Beijing.

Before being able to surprise her, we had to prepare for our Studio 2 presentation on the resent trip to Pulau Redang. Being late for the meeting, I had to find all sorts of excuses to hide the fact that I was late because I had to go buy the cake and was stuck in Traffic. (Oops, now my secret has been revealed). Reaching college, I had to sneak in the cake and ask the uncle at the B1 cafe where we usually have our lunch to lend me his fridge to hide the cake. Whew, task done, then rushed up to the ICT to meet up with the rest of the group to complete our presentation for Studio.

While printing the pictures for the presentation, we decided to print an A4 size photo (which was sneakily taken in Redang) of our tutor who guided us through our last assignment as a thank you note.

It was signed by everyone in his group. And including celebrity Hong, one of our lecturers. For fun.

Before the presentation at 2, all 5 groups were busily pinning up the selected task we were given to analyse at Redang. Each group had to present the analysis the retrieved and share it with the whole class.

No, she didnt suspect me of planning a birthday surprise for her.

Jun Wai being nervous because he will be representing our group to dp the presentation. It was suppose to me, but I lost my voice~ lucky me.

Everyone busily preparing.

2 p.m. flew in fast and soon, all 5 lecturers were in the studio and asked us to begin. First up, our group. After a casual presentation, we presented our gift to our tutor.

Mr. Cheah/Kid was the first to look while Mun Yin did not want to see what was it we wanted to give him.

Fabian was impressed.

And passed it to Mun Yin.

Tick tock tick tock, when can we SURPRISE Hau Yee? After the presentation, we had our individual group meetings with our tutor for our next assignment. And I am glad to say we got Mr. Cheah for our final assignment. WHEW! The good thing about his tutorial session for this week is that it is short. So after the small discussion, me and Daphne were waiting for the other groups to finish. Lameville was seperated into 3 groups this time round. Next to finish was Sherman, Wai Sie and Huei Liq. Sad to say, we had to start without Li Qun and Darren because they got Fabian AGAIN. Let me repeat AGAIN! And he (Fabian) always tutored till very late. So we had to start with or withour Li Qun and Darren. Hau Yee's constant messaging on her phone just kept panicking us. SO we decided to go on without those two.
Lighting the candles outside the studio while Hau Yee was busy transfering photos from Daphne's laptop, one was watching the door and one was waiting for the signal to turn off the lights so that we can walk in and sing the birthday song.

"Happy Birthday to you........" You know the song.

Surprised Doinkey.

Happy 19th Birthday Miss Hau Yee.

May all your wishes come true.

After blowing out the candles and cutting the cake, there was one other important tradition which all college birthdays have to go through.

The dreaded picking up the candle which one pushed into the cake by your friends with your teeth and risk getting your head being pushed into the cake tradition.

Hau Yee hesitated to go with tradition, but with a little bit of encouragement,

She went for it.

But instead of getting her face smushed into the cake, her chin was the only victim for the day.

"Who did that to me?"

The answer was, it was Ah Yang who did it.
After cleaning up her chin, she was smudged with cream by Daphne. I failed this time. Grrrr...

We made Chi Ming feed Hau Yee a Piece of choocolate from the cake. HAHA... Hem Hem.. Hau Yee, Happy?

Next, it was time to pen the presents.. But first Daphne asked:"What is the secret password to open the box?

As Daphne was explaing, Hau Yee was Quietly listening.

So Daphne asked:"What is the word that you always say when we facing difficulty?"

As she thought, she started to smile.

Ermmmm, Hmmmmm...

Daphne:"Correct, now you can open your present."

What was it?

Yep it was a Shyt shaped Plushhy toy... *DOINK* The many expressions of Doinkey on her birthday, another tradition I do on most of everyone's birthday.

Happy Birthday Doinkey. Hope you enjoyed the little surprise.

Leftover cake for Darren and Li Qun.

Short, sweet and memorable.

And Darren is just happy he managed to join us and is recovering from chicken pox.

Okay then, its back to 3d max for me. Ciaoz.. Oh Ya. Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone out there celebrating it. Hope you eaten enough mooncakes.

Its all about the mooncake,

The fullmoon, and of course,

The bright colouful lanterns.

Oh how I miss home now.

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