Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Morning at Redang, 7th September

*FINAL POST, not so long after all.*
Last morning at Redang was so sad indeed. I so wanted to stay. The beautiful scenery, the calm blue seas. I *heart*.

So final time to try to get a picture of the sun-rise but guess what, it was raining at 530 a.m. So, we waited. Or maybe, I waited. Still raining at 6, so instead most of us packed out things first to check out at 7 a.m. to catch the morning ferry. By 630 a.m. The rain stopped so Sherman was the first one off to go snap a photo of the sunrise. I joined soon after.

Well, to our dismay, Mr. Sun was hiding behind thick clouds. All we could see was the sun ray through the clouds. The weather was cooling and calm. Its so rare for me to feel like this. I am usually the one who rushes and does things in an instant. But not at this moment, I was enjoying it. Met Benny and the other 2 CF members to go up the mountain to pray. The other 2 were Sherman and Huei Liq.

Just by looking at the view, I knew that this was all God's creation and be thankful in it.

Even though I didn't mange to see the sun rise, I managed to see much more. Other beautiful things besides the sun.

Sherman started to sing I could Sing of Your Love Forever.

Praying on top of the mountains. Really need to thank God for showing us His beautiful creations.

After the short prayer meeting, it was back to more photography session of the view and of the people.

Standing high on the mountain.

Benny taking pictures of us, I think.

Staring into beauty.

A hermit crab stole a snail's shell.

Sherman emoing.

I just love early mornings. I love the clouds.

Basically, I love almost everything about Redang. Well, we all had to rush to have our breakfast before the ferry leaves. Since we were so "hardworking" taking pictures, we only managed to finish breakfast in 15 minutes.

Our luggage being put on board the ferry before we get on.

So more pictures before we get on board.

Its was time to go, as we all go on board, we say goodbye to our small paradise for the weekend.

Aww... I so so so so so miss Redang.

As we started our journey home,

We look back at our weekend at Redang.
We wish we can stay longer...

Its back into the clouds. In to life of assignments and submissions.

Back to sleepless nights.

And crazy times.

Its time to go back to work people. Hope you had fun as I did at Redang.

Sorry for being slightly naughtier than usual. Its was all about the fun. HEHE.

So many funny pictures.

Ya, you ate earlier than us Clement. Stupid bus-driver. Stop us in the middle of no where to have lunch. And gave us only 30 minutes to eat. Celaka.
At the end we had to da pao and you didn't let us eat on the bus. Made us starve for 3 hours and you said it will only take 2 hours.
But I don't care. It was a fun trip.

Michelle graduated from learning how to use the hammock.

The new friends we made, the time we all bonded.
Thanks for the memories.

From the Scandalous moments.

To all the Happy times on the Beach.

And yes, when we learned how to fly.

Gambate, for the rest of the semester. May our panda eyes be blacker, our hair messier, our character me crazier, bla bla bla bla bla.

HAHA. Yawn, I am tired. Thats all for Redang, Hope you liked the photos.

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