Thursday, September 4, 2008

Submission day for Studio 2 assignment 1

So submission and presentation was on Tuesday, the 2nd of September. Time to panic, 2 p.m.- review time. Heart beating fast. Brain wondering who our crit will be.

Here is our hard work, our sweat and tears.

So the review and presentation started at two. Jun Wai's group was up first and he did his presentation of the national Museum of Malaysia.

And guess who was our crit for this assignment?

Thank Goodness it was Mr. Kid.

Mr. Kid is one of the nicer lecturers in college. He does not shoot you down but guides you and allows us to better ourselves.

After Jun Wai, it was my turn to present for my team. It was sort of nerve-wreaking even though I have done quite some presentations before. Hope I did well and didn't disappoint my team. The structure that we presented on was the National Mosque of Malaysia. Sort of a complicated building to analyse. But we managed it thanks to our tutor Mun Yin.

Overall, I think all the four groups under Mun Yin did well in presenting their own building of research. Each had their own unique way of breaking down and using materials that best explains the structure.

Aiks, the camera man was spotted.

Ah Yang's Group presenting on the National art gallery.

While some naughty girls decided to cam-whore with their model.

The final group was Michelle's team which also presented on the National Museum.

Like I said, each group had their own way of presenting, which is a good thing. Or else it will be boring.

Yep, Mr. Kid was entertained.

The presentation session ended quite early and it brought relief to everyone. It was time to have fun and time for more cam-whoring

My team, my "Girlfriends"... Yes, after hanging out with them, I dwelled in my feminine side. Thus becoming one of them.

They were framed.

And me too.

We decided to spy on the other group whom are doing their presentation..

And the first team to be at the ready for a group photo was Aaron L's team.

This is Mr. Hong, he is the crit for Sherman's group.

And the oh so famous crit which everyone tries to avoid, Mr. Fabien. Its good to get him because he is the type who can be straight and sacarstic in his critism. But too much is also not good.

Yes, Aaron, you don't have to be shocked. You are saved. HAHA.

Ellie snapping a picture of me. Errrrr....

Well, we are all just happy that it is all over. Now we can be happy....

Group cam-whoring...

Then finally.....

We all get to sleep in peace... WHew......

Well, Going to Redang today!!! YAY!!!!!!! HOLIDAY!!!

Oh yea, I am having a flu.. My body is weak after the stress. HAIH....

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