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Pulau Redang, Day 2, 6th September

OK... To day 2 of the Redang trip. We all wanted to catch the first ray of light but we couldn't because it Rained!!! Of all the time to rain, it rained when the sun rises. How sad.. Oh well, at least we had a very sunny morning for us to enjoy our day at Redang Island. Guess what was the day's activities? Snorkeling, snorkeling and more snorkeling. Serious. We love snorkeling so much that we just keep filling our day with it. Okay, that was just a joke. We had our own activities but snorkeling was one of the main activities on Redang. Breakfast was from 8-9 a.m. Basically many people onlu arrive at the breakfast table at 830 a.m. and that was a very bad decision some of us made. Will tell you further down the post. Me, Sherman and Li Qun were lucky enough to book an underwater camera which costed us RM50 for a camera so that we can take underwater shots.

Chii looked like Hellboy with his totally red skin due to the snorkeling the day before.

Sherman and I got ready for the morning snorkeling trip at the Pulau Redang Marine Park.

Okay, so the reason I said it was a bad idea to have breakfast so late is because after breakfast, it was time for us to get on to the speedboat at 910 a.m. and off we were to Pulau Redang Marine Park. Reaching the marine park, we went into the water and started our creature scanning activities. The waves were carrying us out to deeper waters. Up and down up and down. Yes, you guessed right. Most of us were seasick not because of the boatride but because of floating in the sea. With full stomachs. Well, bad idea. I got out half an hour earlier because I couldn't take it anymore. But it was fun. So now let the pictures do the talking.

The boat ride to the marine park. From left: Benny, Huei Liq, Daphne and me.

I love being underwater. I wish I gotten a diving license or something. From the surface of the sea, beautiful corals everywhere. Not to mention the many many sea creatures.

"What are you looking at?"

At the marine park, the guide told us that there was an eel that we have to look out for. Its about 2 meters in length and was hiding somewhere. So try o imagine around 80 people searching for the eel. Well, once one person found it, everyone is bound to be there. So basically, the eel was our celebrity of the day. Too many Paparazzi there to take pictures of it. So when we found it, it smiled.

You see how cute it is? Its smiling at the camera. HAHA.

But in real life, it looked dangerous. Dubbed as the snake of the sea, we were all cautious when we were near it. Its not poisonous, but its teeth are sharp. And we we lucky to have the guide to help us lure it out with fish carcass so we can film and snap pictures of it.

You see how beautiful it is.

Blub Blub Blub... yay to snorkeling.

Me on the left and Daphne n the right trying to cam-whore underwater.

After snorkeling, it was back to the resort for all of us. We were scheduled for another session in the afternoon but not many of us decided to go because we were tired and had to do our site analysis or else we will be in big trouble. There was also jungle trekking for those who wanted to go but most of us skipped that too. Seen too many trees at Kuala Selangor last semester. So, we appointed some to go for the snorkelling session while some of us, including me, went to do the site visit and jotted down the info we needed.

The afternoon sky was so perfect in many ways. Yes, it was hot but it was all worth it. Paradise.

Jess also decided not to go for the snorkeling but followed us to do site analysis.

Have to feel the site with my bare feet.

Mary Poppins landed at Redang island. For a holiday I suppose.

A lizard climbing a coconut tree.

Ah... Clear blue skies, Crystal clear waters. I wish I can stay there.

Laguna Bay resort is so beautiful. Lve the design. Very "Malaysian".

People taking photos of their girlfriend.

Or sometimes, of themselves.

Coconut trees and the sea breeze.. Kept feeling like I did not want to do anything but lie on the sandy beach and take a nap. But I can't. Must do what I needed to do.

Went to a dive center at Redang Reef resort which is next to Redang Beach Resort and managed to find this sort of a funny signboard.

And this warning sign just screams HILARIOUS!

The dive center

"Save water, Drink beer." Hmmm... No wonder people love coming here. HAHA.

People preparing for a dive trip. Oh how I wish I am licenced to dive.

Me and Jess decided to go look for Sherman, Gordon, CW, YC, SL and Gin Hao to do our site analysis. We called and we called and finally we managed to find them. They were rock climbing! So, we decided to climb too.

Me emoing.

The mountain we must climb.

I learnt my lesson. Never climb on rocks barefoot after the rocks were baked under the hot sun. My feet were all red after the climb. Oh ya, and don't wear slippers too, you will slip. HAHA.

The wonderful view on top of the rocks.


Ya la.. Show off la. If I wasn't holding my Big camera, I would have climbed till there also.

Climbing down was harder than climbing up

Awwww, SL not posing for the camera. But after some encouragement.....

TADAAAA... Perfect.

I *heart* the view... Serenity at its best.

Ya, even YC loves it.

And she wants to jump into it. "YC, Don't be so emo! JUMP!" HAHA.

Then it was time for some meditation on the rocks.

Ok.... Salam to you too Sherman.

Chinese Meditation for YC.

Look where he is sitting on. Its called "PAIN IN THE ASS" meditation. HAHA. Thus, the look on CW face.

We were all so relaxed. I think we totally forgot why we were there.

Looking at the time, it was 4 p.m. Rushed back to catch tea-time and update ourselves with those who went snorkeling or jungle trekking. Took us almost an hour to get back for tea because of....

Cam-whoring/horsing around.

During this trip, we had one BIG scandal involving a guy and a gal from Lameville. Cobining their names will become Huei Li Qun. They seemed very "close" with each other on the trip.

One Paparazzi caught this two sharing a coconut under the coconut trees. Awwww. So in this picture, I am guessing she was posing for him.

You see, everywhere together.

After tea, we decided to head back out to do some more walking around the beach.

Daphne was busy sketching while I was busy snapping photos of the surroundings.

The pathway to Redang Reef resort.

Oh ya, this building was shown in some chinese show. Everyone was excited bout it, but I guess I missed out.

So while snapping photos, I "accidentally" took a picture of Mr. Hong walking behind Li Qun, Michelle and Huei Liq.

He asked us not to snap pictures of the lecturers and post in facebook so I shall post it on my blog. SHhhhhh..... Don't rat on me ya.

I spotted some chinese models on the beach as well. After their photoshoot, they were camwhoring on the beach.

Laguna Bay resort. Wish we stayed here. SO NICE!

Somemore Paparazzi shots. Why are they ruining my shots. They keep getting into the frame. Annoying people. HAHA. Huei Liq, how can you say you want to sue me for the pictures when it was you who keeps getting into my pictures. YOU "RUINED" IT. HAHA.

Cute kid on the beach with his dad. Boy is he lucky.

Walking back to our own resort,

There were people pointing to the skies. It was going to rain heavily again tonight.

Doinkey bugging me.

Here is one reason why guys should not make girls angry. Bye Clement. HAHA.

Whats so funny?

Awww. Sweet. Clement:"Honeymoon picture."

As the sun begins to set and the heavy rain clouds floating in, it was time for dinner as well. As we slowly walked into the dining hall, we were chatting, laughing and just being merry. This trip was good in a way. Managed to get to know others from our batch better.

It started to rain hard after dinner so we were all stuck in our hotel rooms. To kill time, we played card games, chit chatted and just enjoy each other's company.

Hau Yee angry with the rain.

Y.C. naping while we played cards.

Changed venue to play cards when the rain was not so heavy.


So basically thats how we entertained ourselves. By playing cards.

Slept early that night. Wanted to try to get some pictures of the Sun Rise on Redang. Well, that will be on the next post. The final one for the Redang trip. Look out for it. Now, its time for me to study my Services 2 notes for Fridays exam. Watch out for the next post. Till then. Happy reading. Hope you love the photos.

Final Morning at Redang coming soon..... Watch out for it.


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hohoho, now i seriously feel like going redang =x

Jesselyn said...

You know,

Laguna Bay..should be very "National Museum-ish"

and Gordon had his BIG camera oso wud...climbed even higher than me! *excuses...* =P