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Pulau Redang, Day 1, 5th September

Just got back from an amazing "site visit"/ holiday at Pulau Redang, Terengganu with the whole 2007 SABD batch for our Studio 2, 2nd assignment which is to design a diver's point. Our bus departed on Thursday night at 1030 p.m. and reached Terengganu at about 3 a.m. but it was another 5 hours before reaching the jetty to Pulau Redang.

In the bus... Its dark, its late... Nice sleeping pictures.

3 a.m., Bus driver stopped us somewhere to have early breakfast and for our dear Muslim friends to eat before they fast for the entire day.

Everyone was half excited and half tired due to the recent events.

And yet when all is out to play, Wai Sie is still studying her notes. Aiks.

Reaching the Jetty at 8 a.m., we thought we were on our way to Redang, just to find out that the ferry only leaves at 930 a.m. So we were free to roam the streets and look at the stores selling key chains, t-shirts... you know, the usual stuff sold in souvenirs stores in Malaysia.

The bright morning sun rays shining down on us. A good sign of a sunny day on the beach.

As the boats float and sway with the waves,

The students were just being "Jakuns" and even taking pictures of a bolt.. Hmmm....

But a surprising guest got everyone's attention from the bolt.

Yes, it was this little kitty.

After the kitty ran away (thanks to Huei Liq's high pitch scream)

We decided to take a group picture.

And the cam-whores do what they do best.

more pictures.

Well, our ride to the island finally arrived.

Everyone hastily got on the boat. We were just too excited.

The sea was calm and the sky was as blue as it can get.

Ah... Pure clean nature and its splendor.

It really got Arizz singing.

And it got Hau Yee smiling.

Oh ya, it got us all to smile. HEHE.

Our boat driver.

An hour boat ride and we arrived at our final destination, Pulau Redang. The clear water and the clear blue skies just screams heaven on earth. So peaceful and tranquil... ahhh... Serenity...

After getting off the boat, checked in and all...


Some of the guys decided to have a game of beach football.

What a shot that was!

Redang Bay, the small resort we stayed in.

From left: Kiet Yeang, Benjamin, Jess and Chian Pei

Its always great to have a lovely model to pose on a bright sunny day for you.

Even the lecturers took a stroll on the beach.

Najat relaxing under the shades of the coconut trees.

Benjamin getting some well deserved sleep.

We couldn't resist jumping shots on the beach, especially on such a bring, clear blue sky, day.

From left: Hau Yee, Me, Clement, Aaron L, Daphne and Rebecca

More jumping pictures.

Daphne showing how flexible she is.

I had to run up this rock in 10 seconds to get this shot. Whew. But its a nice picture.


The resort just next door...

These Cocker Spaniels are so lucky... They are on holiday with their owners.

After the jumping pictures, it was time for some beach volley ball.

Yes, we were not great at it but it was fun.

It was all about the smiles and the fun. No competition.

Oh yea, this guy is from the Maldives. Ahman or Ahmed, forgot already. Man, my memory is so poor.

Mun Inn watching us at play.

After all the fun and games, it was time for lunch then after that, our creature scanning time in the waters

Yum yum yum.

Ermmm..... Maybe not that delicious after all. HAHA. Joking la... It was nice.

Went snorkeling at 230 p.m. It was time for us to look for inspiration under the sea.

Took a 10 minutes boat ride to another site for snorkeling.

Beautiful underwater corals and fishes. Photos taken with the underwater camera we rented at the dive shop. Rm 50 a day for 2 gigabytes of space.

Aaron and Li Qun having fun in the water.

The snorkeling trip we went on was for about an hour and a half. Not bad. Managed to see some nice creatures underwater. Too bad my goggles was leaking. Stung my eyes.

Back at the resort, we decided to take a swim in the pool to get rid of the salt on our bodies.

While Mr Karlson decided to take a nap.

Sherman playing with a hose.

After a nice warm bath and a change of clothes, I headed out to the beach once more to do some site analysis. Ya right I can. The View was just too nice to resist some scenic picture taking. Some people couldn't get enough of snorkelling in the sea that they went snorkeling in the sea once more. While they did so, I went shell hunting.

Managed to catch the beautiful rainbow.

Najat emoing as usual.

While some, did not get enough of the afternoon's snorkelling trip and decided to go again.

Hmmm... Unique, first time seeing such an insect. Wonder what it is called.

Those who can't get enough of sea water.

Clement imagining that he is on the desert.

While waiting for the rest to shower and clean off, I headed for the nearest hammock and chilled while looking out to the great blue sea.

The cool sea-breeze, the coconut trees. Ahhh... Paradise from the city life.

Me and Benny.

Some group photos.

Miss Shereen with some of the guys chilling on the mountain top.

Chii helping Najat down, or is it the other way around? Hmmmm...

Stalked other tourist....

Foreign tourist can be seen everywhere on the beach.

And cameramen we everywhere as well. Even the cameraman was stalked.

Evening came, the sun was setting.

Walking down the coast of the beach can be so relaxing.

Even though we have work to do.

"So what should we do girls? Do work?"


And more. HAHA... Taking with some of the dogs on holiday.

Our "BBQ" Buffet dinner.

Okay, so I am not going to put any sleeping photos... Eating ones are even better.. Photos by Benjamin.




After dinner, we were free to do whatever we wanted to do. So we did. Some of us decided to take a stroll on the beach to go see see what is going on in the other resorts.

The view at night.
Went to a mini party/concert at the other resort but didn't manage to get any photos because it was too dark..
Back at redang bay,

jess was eating Ais kacang.

And shared with Clement and not me... BO hoo hoo...

But nah... I can't eat... coughing like mad. HAHA.

4 beach babes posing for the camera. Daphne is such a poser. HAHA.

met up with the rest of the gang who were all KARAOKE-ing and singing their hearts out.

Waiting their turn..

Sherman was so emotional when he was singing.

Hmmm... Are they laughing at him? I don't know. HAHA.

Then it was the "couples" turn to sing.

And these are their loyal fans.

Then it was Wai Sie's turn.

Bed time was midnight because everywhere was closed by then. Great first day at the beach.... Great company.. Great fun..

Okay... Now is back to assignments and exams for me... Will post up day 2 after I am freer to do so.

Beware of another LONG POST!!!~~~ DAY 2 at Redang coming soon....

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