Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It is OVER!! BROKE UP.... December 1st 2008

Sorry, my dear, I have said goodbye to you this final time. Thanks for the memories, sayonara, not going to miss ya. HAHA. Yes, the final crit for semester 4, studio 2 is finally OVER. WOhooooo... I am jumping up and down ( in my mind that is) with joy. After months of hard work and stressing out and sleepless nights, it is all worth it I tell you. I am happy with my achievements for the studio 2 and I really do hope I get the A or A+ (can't I hope?) for it. Been up last week just to complete the presentation board, an a0 sized one, for the presentation day today and also my portfolio. Well, here they are.

My presentation board for Studio 2

And this is my nine page portfolio.

Well, as usual, we had our "crit" session after the model is done, the presentation board is up and etc. Just like last semester *click*. And guess who was my Crits for this studio? It was Mun Inn again. He was my Crit for the last studio and I know he will be reading this post so to him: "Thanks sir for being such a helpful Crit." HAHA. No I am not sucking up to him but it is all true. The comments and the critism from him along with Puan Siti's (building services 2 lecturer and the other Crit for my panel) had thought me my weakness and my strengths. Well, I will have to think harder next time then. I was so nervous in the morning because as usual, because my name is AARON CHEW! that I was arranged to present first. Its not a bad thing but it gets kind of annoying if one keeps going first, I wish I can go last at times. Different experience. But overall, I am happy with my performance for this semester. No, its not about the performance I showed in the presentation but overall in my design and progress. Okay, less talk, here are some of the scenes for the day.
First off, the "crits"...

Gordon presenting to Miss V and an outsider whom I don't know the name. Oops, sorry.

Jesslyn getting crit bu Puan Nur and Mr. Fabian.

A guest crit from other Uni. But I didn't catch which Uni he is teaching at but he sure is young. And according to most, one of the fiercest crit for this semester.

A.R. Karlson and his partner in crime, giving comments to one of my fellow course-mates.

Clement was crit by Suja and friend. HAHA.

And for my panel, Mun Inn and Puan Siti commenting on Grace's work.
So here they are. The six panels with their judges. Not bad for this studio. Everyone is just relieved it is over.

Other scenes taken from the day.

Fabian and Puan Nur listening to the presentation.

Wai Sie and Grace listening on.

Sherman presenting his work.

Us with our work.

Wai Sie

Hau Yee



Me with my dragon ball(quote Sherman) presentation board or maybe transformers(quote Daphne), Light saber (quote Gordon)

Aaron L and his work




Kiet Yang

Well, we ar all just relieved that everything is over. OVER!!!! Now its time to chill and enjoy the one month holidays. Short huh? But what to do? College schedule. Well, time really flies. Year 2009 will be our third year in Diploma of Architecture Technology. One more year and everyone will be headed to the separate ways again. Well, all we can do now is work harder as the workload is getting heavier and more stressful. Semester is officially over. Whew! Well, I will upload the post on my model as soon as possible. Not going to reveal it in this post or else it will be too long. HAHA..



chii said...

it's mun inn, not yin... he'll fail u now XD n the guy with miss v is clement... he has his own practice, the "fiercest crit" is chirs from lim kok wing... guess he is not very impressed with our work :D

Aaron C. said...


Aaron Lau said...

heyy....the final grp pic actually looks pretty cooll

Aaron C. said...

I know. HAHA.. And u were so shy...

Philip said...

Wow...great work and presentation by all of you. See you in Sibu!

Hau Yee said...

nyahh cant c my model :S

Aaron C. said...

HAHA, thanks philip.
Well hau yee, you want me to post ur model up already? I tot i let u guys write it up on ur blog first. Dont want to take ur glory. HAHA