Monday, February 2, 2009

Are you a broken Window?

Are you a broken Window?

Don't tell me that life has no difficulties.
That we live day by day, perfect under the sun.

Don't tell me that life is perfect.
Because we are like glass, we break.

So, let me ask you...
Are you a perfect piece of glass?

Do you know..

That sometimes, in order to grow, that we must be broken?

That even if we have a strong will, it must be broken?

If we think that life is perfect, it must be broken?

Even when we found those we love, that it will be broken?

When we think things are perfect, it will be broken?


Do you also know...
That after you break a piece of glass, the only way to make it perfect again is to melt it with high heat and form it again?

Seeing this broken window in the KTM today gave me time to think. It hit me real hard.


Life is not perfect.

After you are broken, you can never be 100%.

You can't be melted and remade.

You can't avoid getting broken.


Did you notice the broken glass?

Its still beautiful in many ways. Life is like that. Seriously, it is. Everyone breaks. Everyone faces difficulties in life. But only through acceptance and pushing through, we grow. We face difficulties day after day:- big and small.

Do you want to be a piece of broken glass, all shattered on the ground.


Do you want to be a broken glass but still strong and all held together?

The only way for us to be perfect is only if we are in Heaven. But since we are not, we just need to live day by day. Keep strong and just live. Live strong and learn from the hardships that we have to go through.

And you know what?
Don't forget bout the good times you have.

Don't forget your family whom loves you.

Don't forget that good friends are your glue in life.

Don't forget that there are those who do care for you in the world.

But for me, above all.

I should not forget about the love that was given to me by my Heavenly Father.

And what will happen?

Our broken-ness makes us unique. Like a glass that breaks will never create the same pattern.

We are all unique. We are all like a piece of broken glass.

A very beautiful piece of art.

Don't you think so?

SO my answer for the question on top,

*Hope this cheer up those who are feeling down or sad about life. Just to let you know, we all face problems. No matter how happy we look on the outside. :)

Hope this is an inspiration for all,
Aaron C


samanthacje said...

yes, we do a lot of thinking on the train, don't we?

Philip said...

Very meangingful and encouraging post.Nice pictures too.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Aaron C. said...

HAHA... Samantha.. Yes we do yes we do... No la, I thought about it while i was looking at the pictures.

Philip. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, your pics are stunning.!! Share with u my photos..

Aaron C. said...

Thank you anon. Well, can u intro plz?