Saturday, February 7, 2009


This week was sort of hectic. Had to rush to Brickfields a few more times to get info and pictures. Then presented our findings yesterday and I am not happy with it because I kept stuttering. That is what happens if you don't sleep for 24 hours and a few hours of waiting before being able to present. I totally ran out of energy by the time I did the presentation with my group. Sorry guys. I felt that I had let u down big time. But on the bright side, I really learned a lot through this assignment. I found out that I am really interested in the term called Genius Loci which means the spirit of the space. I love old buildings. I don't know why but I feel that it just has that wow factor. I sure hope Sibu can preserve the heritage buildings which still can be seen today. Okay... Here are some pictures I took and edited used for the assignment. Just wanna show what I mean by the beauty of old buildings.

The Tamil Methodist Church, built in the late 1890s. I just love the shape. Its just so different from the usual churches we usually see.

Next is the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church which was built in 1924. Neo-classical architecture I think.

The stain glass is not from the original structure. It was changed from wooden windows to stain glass about 20 years ago. But I really do love stain glass windows. Something about it makes it so mesmerizing.

This is the interior of the Church of Our Lady Fatimah which is a Catholic church by the way. Look at the lights which shines in the interior. That is what Genius Loci is all about. The experience within.

Hundred Quarters.. An old residential area. Still around. But somehow, every house have Astro now.

Old Condominiums from the 1960s.

And of course, some small sheds which still remains. And the tree is believed to be sacred. I don't know. Interested? Go ask the people yourself. HAHA...

Well, these are just some of the pictures of the area we were researching on. Next up is to design a "Street Furniture" for Brickfields based on our research and then working drawings is due next week as well and of course, the trip to Ipoh next Friday. Going to be another busy week. Wish me all the best.

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Johan said...

Mate, think your pics have lots of merit! Enjoyed reading the blog.