Friday, February 6, 2009


• Open to all SABD and Design School students.
• Registration Fee is RM2, to raise fund for SABD Dinner.
• Registration should be done before 16th Feb 2009.
• Theme: Upon students' creativity. Must identify with SABD and Design school
• Design has to include Name/Student ID/Contact No. and incorporate Taylor's logo (No limitation of sizes).
• Design has to be within the area of 30 cm x 20 cm, in only 3 colors, and in 300dpi resolution.
• Contestants are allowed to submit as many designs as they like upon registering.
• There are 2 methods of designing: (i) Photoshop (ii) Sketching (A4 paper)
• Photoshop Designs will be submitted online to (e-mail address will be confirmed soon) by 27th Feb 2009.
• Sketch Designs will be submitted into the submission box located at Program Office on 27th Feb 2009.

1st Prize:
• Free Participation in PAM/ID CAMP 2009
• Cash Prize of RM150
• Design will be mass-printed and sold
• Vouchers
• STEPS Book '08

2nd Prize:
• Cash Prize of RM100
• Vouchers
• STEPS Book '08

3rd Prize:
• Cash Prize of RM50
• Vouchers
• STEPS Book '08

Consolation Prizes (x3): Vouchers

Registration Procedure:
Interested students can register with the following people:
Semester 6: David Ooi
Semester 5: Najat
Semester 4: Linda
Semester 3: Jun Win
Semester 2: Lawrence
Semester 1: Nikketa/Cindy
FNBE: Je Yue

Contact Person:
JUN WIN 0123178011
LO KI JUN 0123869130
LINDA 0172432606

Something gone wrong with the original post so I had to rewrite this post. HAHA.. Make it short and sweet. For those interested, you can register under my name. If you win, you get to keep the cash. I shall take the rest. Agreed? I just want the Magazine and the free sponsorship to the camp which I doubt you can join if you are not a member of SABD and the Design School of TCPJ. But at least you get RM 150 and that your deisgn will be seen on the roads in KL right? HAHA... Well, if you are interested and want to find out more, just *click* here. OK? Good luck designing...

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