Sunday, February 8, 2009

Destination, Pulau Ketam, 7/2/2009

Taylor's Photography Club had its first outing today and the destination was Pulau Ketam or in English, Crab Island, a small fishing village located somewhere in Selangor. To read more about the place, just *click*. Well, we started at 830 A.M., meeting at the college courtyard and went as a group, by KTM, to the station Pelabuhan Klang. After reaching at Pelabuhan Klang, we took a ferry down to the island and that took us about an hour and a half to get there (yes, smart people like us choose the slow ferry so that we could enjoy the scenery).

Reaching at approximately 11 A.M., we were briefed on the theme of the trip and the schedule for the day and off we are on our own. Mission for the day, take photos of the life in Pulau Ketam. As seen from our eyes.

While some decided to rent bicycles and ride around the island (there are no cars or motorbicycles allowed), some decided to walk. Reason no. 1 why I didn't rent a bike: I have no confidence in riding one. 2, the roads were super narrow and are on stilts so if I fall, I will fall in to the mud bellow. And 3, Can take more photos while walking.

Pulau Ketam has a certain nostalgic charm which is really interesting to see. They are untouched by heavy traffic, though the bicycles were ringing their bells at us constantly, but it was peaceful, quiet and filled with inspirational photography moments.

A boat left to rot into nature. So was the rubbish dumped there.

And what do some of the islanders do for a living at Pulau Ketam?

I guess most of them are fishermen. We went to this house where they were drying shrimps and fish to be sold in K.L. and around Selangor. Not cheap I tell you.

But the colours lying on the ground is just so camera(eye)-catching.

Another thing that really will catch your cameras/eyes are the little children who loves playing and running around. Some were happy to just take some pictures with us or allowed us to take their pictures. So adorable and innocent looking.


Jesselyn tried to teach her how to to the kawaii sign, but she failed, but still, this little girl is super Kawaii (cute).

Time flies when you are having fun. Seriously, little did we know, it was already 1 P.M. and we were so hungry that we needed lunch. So, we headed to the island center, where all the food stuff was and went to try some of the seafood there. But first, some scenes from the Island center.

Coconut coconut... Selling Shredded? Coconuts...

See how obedient this little child is.

So what did we have for lunch???


Oyster and "lala" Omelet or known in Malaysia as O jian cham lala (Hokkien)

Fresh steamed prawns... Yummy Yummy and super Fresh!

Chilly, bamboo clams... Even yummy..

Of course we had our vegetables and our rice.... Can't live without those...

Then for dessert,

A nice ice cold Ice Kacang.... Yummy and guess what, it only costs RM2.

However, lunch was RM 14 a person.. but it was worth it.

After lunch, it was back to walking around the island. We only had till 3 P.M. because we want to catch the KTM before it is filled with humans to make a human sardine can. This time, we saw some very interesting shots we must take and share. Mostly involving the islanders. Hope they don't mind.

Old style barber shop.. Even got ear-wax digging service.

Some of the boats returning from the sea. I love this shot..

Fishermen cleaning and fixing their nets.

And another look of the fishing village.

Beautiful isn't it? Too bad, the sky was cloudy so no nice blue sky... Very dull, but it sure isn't lacking character..

Its a charming little fishing town...

With people on bikes everywhere... "move out move out."

With old wooden walls which was used as notice boards thus creating the pattern.

In a snap of the camera, it was already 3 P.M. and we had to walk back to the jetty and meet up with the others.

While waiting, some of us were still continuing snapping away, be it cam-whoring or snapping candid shots.

And when everyone finally arrived...

We took one last group picture and we were on our way back home.

Grading by the tiredness and the sun-burn everyone got, I felt that this trip was a success. Hope to see the pictures taken by the others as I shared what my eyes saw today. HAHA....

What a sucky hand.... I mean, the cards.. Guess what, he lost.. HAHA...

We were so tired that even one of us fell onto the KTM tracks.... No la.. Just posing. Daphne is still safe...

It was really an interesting trip and for those who missed it, well, you can still have the opportunity to join our other trips. If you are not in Taylors and is entering Taylors soon, come look for us from the Taylor's Photography Club. Or better known as TPC Phlashers... Okay? Well, I am off, too tired...


Philip said...

Very nice place for photography. Next time we go together ya.

Aaron C. said...

Sure. Why not?

sarawakiana said...

This is really impressive. I have never been to Pulau K. Even though I have known about it since the 70's.

Must go there and see for myself!


Aaron C. said...

Hi Sarawakiana. Thanks for the visit. Yea, why not? Its quite rural, though the sea food is great. Cheap too. Well, you can organize with Philip.