Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just another Gimmick....

I feel that Earth Hour is just another gimmick. How can turning off your light for an hour make any difference to our environment. Some more at night and on a Saturday! Its like WTH! Why cant they have this event during the day time when all the offices are working and they turn on the bloody lights even if there is day light? Whats the use of turning it off at night when we really need the light? Think about it... Its just another bloody gimmick for nothing!

So, I am not a supporter for tomorrow's event! Bloody Gimmick!

But don't get me wrong. I still love our earth... Just that I don't support the event...


-Sherm- said...

here's where i'll win you in an arguments.

first of all, its not you turning off your lights.

it's a hundreds of millions of people in the WORLD turning off their lights. go find out what happened in the last 2 earth hours. there's a reason why it started in one city, and now yes, the world.

2ndly, whoever that turns their lights on during the day is an asswhole. but that's not my point.

the reason why this happens at night because (personal oppinion) it should be a sacrifice we make together as consumers of earth, and by doing this we should celebrate. at capsquare! :D

Aaron C. said...

Why not something bigger? Maybe, Why not longer maybe 2 hours or 4 hours or 24 hours? Isn't that a bigger sacrifice.
Before you want to start your arguement. Ask urself.
Is it smth you do if its a special event? Or would u do it everyday after this event? What happens after that one hour? Are you more aware of the impact or do you live life the same way before the event?

Celebrate with wad? Fireworks and Huge tv screens thanking everyone for participating in the event? Then wad about the energy source used to get to cap square and back? So does your one hour make any difference in the energy u used like frm KTM, LRT or by car???

Think about it dude.... Think about it...

jonny said...

it's just a publicity stunt and awareness thing. but its a failed one of course.

I dont think these people heard of some carbon thing, whatever la.

if there wasnt this event, there wouldnt be some sort of 'celebration', and that would save alot of energy. and even pollution.

if they say that the 'celebration' and concerts are to inform people, memang fail. I thought theyre suppose to get across to the people without contributing to pollution.

SO its just publicity thing la.
and at last, somebody i know who dont support.

but of course, we have the responsibility to take care of the earth, according to God =)

-Sherm- said...

Of course its a publicity stunt! if not, how will they ignite the awareness of the people?

Earth hour is a global event. but why do you think malaysians only took part in the 3rd year? if no one publicized it, i doubt anyone will be doing anything this year lo.

Since young we heard of so many campaigns to save energy etc. how many of us actually bother?

this time its an EVENT where everyone sacrifice that little bit TOGETHER. of course they need to celebrate. most people expects to get something in return for their sacrifices. to have a good time perhaps. you can't deny that.

talking about energy, you have a point there. air pollution. but the fault still belongs to everyone who uses private vehicles. they could always take the lrt or ktm.

still , the energy saved and the energy consumed in this event is way beyond comparison. of course there's pros and cons. but i think pros are more than cons. time will tell i guess. most probably tenaga national berhad will come out with a statistic tmr to show what this event's done. whether it's successful or not.

this year it's earth hour. if successful, it could improve to be earth day in the future. but will we be ready to sacrifice that much?

erm sorry aaron. not an argument. should be debate. hehe. peace dude. don't let blood boil over this. see ya later =)

Aaron C. said...

Went and yea... They bloody had a concert during the 1 hr thing. And lets not touch on the rubbish they made. Pointless weiii.. WTH! Wads the point of saving energy and wasting all those paper cups. Will post it up soon. Anti- event guy man...

-Sherm- said...

paper cups are.. our fault. =(
partly my fault. i forgot i left my cup somewhere. haha.

Aaron C. said...

See see see..... HAihhhhhh... Earth hour is really nothing weii....