Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fast and Furious 4....

"NEW Model, Original Parts!"

Have you watched "Fast and Furious 4" yet? Well, I did, LAST NIGHT! Though the seats were not great, I still enjoyed the movie. The review I heard from those who watched it was that the storyline was so predictable and ya di la ti da but who freaking cares about the storyline anyways? It has always been about the cars and the action scenes that makes F&F the best. And lets not forget about the cast in the show.

Vin Diesel (One of the coolest and talented actors, actually, my favourite actor. Love his action packed movies.)

Paul Walker (Not really a big fan but I think the girls I know like Samantha will be drooling over him. Right?)

Hot Jordana Brewster

And fiery Michelle Roodriguez...

And of course some the othe hot hot casts...

Well, after watching this movie, I know know how "Han" from the previous F&F series, "Tokyo Drift", rolled with Dom (Van Diesel). Then after watching, I was wondering, how come Dom was in the last movie but it was cleared up in the end. My gosh... I wish I can be the spoiler but I guess many people haven't watched it so I shall not continue to blab out the whole story.

Oh ya, before I forget, with all the cool cars in the show, this muscle car is still one of my favorites. Too bad, its not sold in Malaysia..

But the racing scene was cool!

What I am trying to say is.... GO WATCH THE MOVIE WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!! If you are not interested in the action or the cars, go drool over the hot girls in the movie then.

"Where there are hot cars, there will be always hot babes."

So my review of this movie:


samanthacje said...

i see my name =.=

Garry Brei said...

It's been two years since this movie, I know. I'd just like to leave a comment about the cars. I'd sure want to step on it in one of those. Oh, Michelle Rodriguez? She IS indeed fiery! By the way, have you watched Fast Five?