Friday, April 10, 2009

What I have been Up to....

My gosh, sleeping never felt so good ever! Stayed up for 24 hours straight will 5 minutes nap in the Digi Lab last night. Well, its getting stressful once again. Well, when was it not anyways? Well, I just started 3D-fying my current design and it took me the whole night just to get the frame of the design right on 3D Max. Yes, "Why not use Sketchup right?" Well, I am a Sketchup noob. NOOB! I tried to learn how to use it in 1 hour but I failed and I got impatient with it because after one hour of working on the 3D on sketchup, some stupid worm will kacau and corrupt my file and I forgot to save. *Sigh!* So I am going to stick with 3D Max for the mean time.

Well, this is how it looks like after rendering. For the moment that is. Thanks Gordon for rendering it for me to stop me from working. Cis. It is nearly there. But why do I keep feeling that something is missing. Arghhh!!!!!

I am going back to sleep. Too tired. Have to rejuvenate myself before attempting to rejuvenate Ipoh.


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