Monday, April 13, 2009

Segi College Diploma Convocation Ceremony, 11/04/2009

This weekend was sort of productive, in a none studio, none studies way that is. After sleeping for more than 13 hours due to the 24 hours none sleep from Thursday till Friday, I got up at 530 a.m. to prepare for work. My job is to assist Philip in yet another convocation ceremony for the diploma graduates (the last one was in October 2008. *click*). Joining me this time will be Sherman. So instead of meeting up at Segi Damansara at 730 a.m., me and Sherm decided to go there at 6 a.m., thus reaching at 630 a.m. to catch the sunrise. Yes yes, photo crazy but its not everyday we get to go to Segi because
1. We are Taylor-ians and not Segi-ians.
2. It is like 30 minutes from Sunway to Segi College.
3. No real reason to go there.

We reached there just in time for the sunrise. And luckily I brought my tripod. Or else the pictures will all be blur.

So here are some of the sunrise shots taken by me using my Fujifilm Finepix s9500. If you are wondering what camera I use to take my pictures. Not a DSLR, its only a prosumer. But, I am happy with the results.

So taking the photos we wanted, me and Sherman went to meet up with Philip and the other helpers at 730 a.m. for him to brief us on what we were suppose to do on the day.

After breakfast with all the helpers, we can see all the florist arranging bouquets of graduation flowers and graduation teddy bears to sell to the graduates. Roses, lillies, sunflowers and etc.

Winnie the Pooh and all too. Can you see it? HAHA.

Well, graduates with their families started coming in around 9, so Sherman started to do his job by taking pictures of the general public. Covering the shots Philip and Andy couldn't cover because they had to be in the studio to wait for the students who wants to take their graduation shots.

Sherman busily stalking everyone.

Well, I was too. But these pictures were for my own use. For the day, I helped to register those who wants to take their graduation picture, collect the money and write the receipt. It is actually quite tiring doing admin work. But, it was fun. Well, I did not have much to do before the ceremony so I went out to snap some of the scenes and here are some of the pictures.

Grandparents or parents busy buying flowers for their graduates.

Some having breakfast at the cafe before the cermony.

Some busily taking photos with the friends or loved ones...

Well, I guess it is a happy day for the graduates. Who isn't right? You graduated... I can't wait till I finally graduate. But, that will be 3 more years away. Not counting graduating from Diploma of course. But the time will come.

At 11, everyone stared to enter the hall for the ceremony. And guess what? My camera died half way through the ceremony. Seems to me like I need to buy new rechargable batteries for my camera. Haih haih... But I did manage to get some shots during the Convocation ceremony.

Happy moments for the graduates..

Well, for more pictures, you can visit Sherman's blog *click*, once he finish writing it that is. He has more pictures than me. Okay okay.. Got to go continue with work. Well, need to thank Philip for the dinner and the opportunity to work with him once again. Oh yea. And need to thank Sherman for joining. Hope the experience had taught you.

Studio Studio Studio.... 3d tonight... Wohoo.....


Philip said...

Thanks did a good job. Hope you had fun too.

Aaron C. said...

I did have a fun time. Thanks for the opportunity.