Monday, April 20, 2009

Light and art, Annexe, 16/04/2009

To begin with, this is sort of a very late post. Was suppose to blog about this on the day but my laptop died on me when I was about to upload these pictures. My laptop lasted about 4 years and now it is R.I.P. You served me well my Dell Laptop but now, I am aiming for something stronger and more versatile. I need a desktop. A fast and powerful one. I need to do 3D renderings and stuff... Okay, okay, Back to the post. Delay no more....

Well, last Thursday after mock presentation for studio, a few of us headed out to Pasar Seni for a "Light" art exhibition. One of the artist for the night was by Fabian, our ex studio tutor. With the help of Li Qun, Darren and Gordon, we were about to witness their master pieces at the Annexe Gallery. I almost missed it due to being too exhausted after staying awake for the mock presentation but I promised to go already, so no better not break promises. So on with the show... To get a better description, you can visit Darren's blog *click*. Here are my pictures.

A few of their art.

Guess who?

A short intro:
The purpose of this Light Sculpture Exhibition was first to create awareness on how much plastic products we use and how the artists recycled these things and made into works of art. Fabian and team used recycled wood and marbles to create their work of art.

While some used....

Empty cat food tin cans.. I love the shadows created by this art-piece..

Yakult plastic bottles. Love the creativity put into this piece of art.

And this, was a movable hanging table made with recycled wood, empty glass soft-drink bottles, half of an used oil barrel and pullies. Very interesting furniture for a home.

Empty milk cartons to make this unique ceiling lamp.

And see how abstract plastic bottles can be.... And of course, not forgetting the bottle caps.

How creative and innovative right?

So, when you throw out your trash today. Ask yourselves one thing. Can I make my trash into art? Or RECYCLE YOUR TRASH! Look how much plastic we use a day... This is just part of the trash used by the artists. Think about it. R.R.R.

Well, we went to Petaling Street for dinner after the exhibition. Had fun talking and chatting with the gang. Kudos to Fabian and his team in their success in completing their master pieces.

Coming next... Zoo Negara.....

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