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DATUM 2009 (c)... The non-halal post...

Okay, so here is the last post for DATUM and sorry I am only going to post up one of the architects and leaving 3 others out which is Stephen Pimbley (I like his works but I can't any of it online.), Hud Abu Bakar (The Malaysian architect, I don't like his designs. It feels so copied from somewhere. No offence.) and the Turkish architect, Han Tumertekin (though his designs are nice, his presentation was sort of bland. Maybe it would have been great if he spoke in his national language. And thats not the reason I am not posting it up. I can't find his works but I found his website, so you can click on it to check it out.

So who is the last Architect I haven't write about? Okay, before I continue on, its a non-halal post. HAHA.. Yes, because the architect, Winy Maas, a Dutch (I think. He is from the Netherlands), is one of the wittiest architect I heard of and I have no idea if he knows that Pork is a sensitive issue in Malaysia or he is daring to the Max. Well, not many people laughed... I mean, I did... HAHAHA... You get the idea....

The first project he introduced to all of us was the "Pig City". I don't blame him, because as he explained, his country is one of the major exporters of pork and since Land is the issue, why not create Pigs "residential" above the slaughter house? Everything will be automated, the pigs are allowed to roam free, perfect living conditions, and most of all, a view!
To read a more detailed description, *click* here!

The tall towers houses the pigs! Luxurious......

Of course, it is not built, just a research and proposal by Winy.

Another reason I said he is one of the wittiest Architects I know about is because of this house. The DIDDEN Village is a built project where Winy was testing on a rooftop extention to counter land issues and reusing of space.

This is not a photoshopped image. The house on the rooftop is indeed

According to Winy, during the planning, the handed up a black and white plan to the Council with the number of the colour on it. They approved (not knowing they knew or not) of the scheme and construction began.

I like this project due to its innovativity and also the fact that he is not afraid of the critism of how it turns out to be. If you think about it, since we have alot of flat rooftops from skyscrapers and shophouses, why not make it into residential areas to bring people who stay in the suburbs back into the town or city. This way, you can lower carbon footprints from reducing the usage of personal transportation or public transportations. Right???

This project is called "Book Mountain", which is to promote the Dutch people living in the area to read.

It doubles as a shopping mall and also a library. COol huh? For the description, *click* to read.

Talking about education and reading, the architecture these few years paid alot of attention to how to save the planet. Well, I guess Winy didn't want to be left out. Well, this next project is called the "Gwanggyo Power Centre" which is to be built in Seoul, South Korea. He did not want to ruin the beauty of the site. According to his website on this project,

"The site is surrounded by a beautiful lake and forested hills, the design aims to create a landscape on top of the new program that enlarges the green qualities and that links the surrounding parks by turning the site into a park."

Cool huh?

To read more, (sorry la, very lazy to type all) *click* here.


Speaking of green...... HAHA... This is not his sequence, I am making my own sequence but these are the projects he introduced to us. I am just sharing. Taking the pictures from his website and linking back to him. Its not plagerism. :P


Instead of the "norm" of a spiral skyscraper or a long cube like structure, Winy designed this structure so that every resident can have a view and also allow natural sunlight to enter the structure. Unique huh? I like the way he uses shapes and thinks about the users. Unlike where I stay, the most important thing for a design is that it is cost efficient and this creates the repetetive usage of a particular designs. From houses to shophouses. Can puke I tell you...

But this was something new and inspiring for me. Practical and unique.

Another residential design he did was the "Celosia". Which I find really interesting and iconic. But too bad.. Not many pictures of it on the net.

Still under construction. But, more on it on *click*.

Okay, getting kind of lazy. Here are some of his other residential works.

The Balancing Barn.. Hmmmm... Cantilevering building...Woooooo...

And a project for the New Orleans Flood Victims, "New Orleans Lower 9th- Concept Bent".

Different ways to stay away from the flood. Maybe Sibu needs this. Thanks to the stupid planning by the Municipal council, its flooding more and more often now. Almost 3 major floods in the past 2 years.


Oops... Sorry, ter-vent out my anger towards the government. ISA? HAHAHA.....Well, thats all for DATUM, I guess.. I will try to write some of the works in more detail when I have the time. Now, I just want to show some of the works which I known about through DATUM. Sorry Andrea. More elaboration when I feel like writing. Okay?

Oh yea. If you are interested in Han Tumertekin's work, you can *click* on his website to read about his works. Though, I think it is in Turkish..


*Next few posts will be on the Green Forum and the KL design Forum.. Watch out for it... :)

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