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2nd Day of the Camp at Kuala Selangor

Have I kept everyone waiting on this post? HAHA.. Awww, I got loyal readers. Sorry la, been too busy with assignments and exams. Thats my life mah. Freakingly, I basically don't have much life. So I will share with you the life that I do have right now.


Somehow everyone likes to climb this tree....

2nd day of camp (1st of March 2008)

To continue where I left off, after the firefly trip, we headed back to the nature park. Campers like myself went to their respective tents, those who stayed in Chalets and Hostels went back to their rooms, some came out to join us at the campsite for a chit chat. The few Lameville campers decided to start another small fire near our campsite to allow us to see where our tents were. The area was pith black. The fire we built earlier had turned to ashes. It was like:"Wahlao, this wood really burn fast." And the wood was wet, we just wanted to dry it. It took us about half an hour to 45 minutes to built a new fire and also restore the old one.

I love the heat from the fire. SO warm and comfortable.

After building the fire and making sure we had sufficient fire-wood, having to sweat the whole day and unable to shower the whole day, feeling sticky and uncomfortable, we went to get ourselves clean before our late night activity, siting by the campfire chit chatting and roasting marshmallows and hot-dogs on the camp fire. Sitting by the warmth of the fire is so enjoyable. God created everything great. Even though fire destroy and devastates, it still has some good in it. The night got more and more interesting as we started to play a game called truth or dare. But in our case, truths and 3 dares. HAHA.. We all rather tell truths than dares. We are honest people. MUAHAHAHA... At a distance, the sky had flashes of lighting which seems so far. So we decided to ignore the fact of the possibility that it will rain. Li Qun, smart as he is had to say:"What if it rains and it flood ar?" We were all like:"Choi choi... Touch Wood! Touch Wood!!"
bedtime for us campers that day was 3a.m. and we even planned to wake up at 6 to go see the sunrise at the tower we tested our egg drop apparatus.

Fire Slowly starting to burn down..

What happened next? 6 o'clock came as fast as we could even enjoy the warmth of the sleeping bags. Daphne tried to wake us all up but it seems we all asked for 10 minutes extra to sleep then we promise to go... Hmmm... 6:10, all woke up groggily ans got ourselves ready to go.. 6:15, when we wanted to leave. Raindrops started to fall. We closed all the windows of the tent and the guys decided to go back to sleep while the gals in the other tent were cam-whoring and having fun. BAD BAD BAD IDEA!! One hour later, I felt my back wet and decided to check of where the water is coming from. I am a light sleeper so until I find the problem and solve it, then I can go back to sleep. So I woke up and checked my water bottle. Not leaking. Used toilet paper to absorb all the water. Decided not to go back to sleep and open the opening of the tent and Was shocked to see that the area was flooded. I heard the girls talking loudly in their tent so I called out:"Hey! Did you gals know it was flooding?" They opened their tent and replied:"Yea, We know!" I was like "What the hell?" Later, I found out that they didn't know that we were sleeping and that they thought that the water was going to recede. I woke up the other 2 in my tent. One gave me the WTH face and the other was blur. They somehow didn't know what is a flood at the moment. After a few seconds to realize what I was saying, they decided to evacuate immediately. We all packed our stuff and remembered we didn't have any shade to shield our stuff and us from getting wet. Darren just said:"Don't care la. Just go." So, he and Li Qun ran towards the hostel first. I checked the tent for anything that is needed, then I followed suit. The rain was heavy so in a few minutes, I was soaked. Thank goodness, i shielded my bag containing my cameras well. Everything but me was soaked. Went back to rescue the girls from their tent. They had it worse. Their tent was leaking and was starting to flood. Other campers, Thank to them had a canvas and helped evacuate the girls.

LI QUN!!! It was all because of what you said... Even touching wood was useless!

We were all wet and soaked.. AND out of place to stay for the second night..

Our camp site.. All flooded.

Rescue team.. Seeing that all the tents were empty..

Evacuate-rs and fellow campers...
Thank goodness for our hostel buddies. They allowed us to sleep in their rooms. Bless their hearts. After a cold morning shower to get ourselves clean, we had to continue our already delayed day. The bus was supposed to bring us out for breakfast at 9 and us returning for jungle trekking at 10 but because of the evacuation and the still pouring rain, we waited till 10 to go for breakfast. And our trekking with the rangers (not power rangers) was postponed to 1130. I was disappointed with the area. NOTHING TO EAT!!! ONLY MAMAK!!!! Oh well, after a hot cup of milo and a roti telur, we rushed back for our 3km trek around the nature park so that we can do our site analysis later in the afternoon.

Up close and personal.

Before the trek, this scorpion was the center of attention..

Daphne just had to have this picture...

Our park ranger..

The crowd.

The many terrains in the nature park...

One of my favorite pictures taken at this camp.. A mud-skipper.

The place I found the mud-skipper.


Bringing us to the swamp area. We really need to think of what is happening in the earth. Thanks to these organization, they are preserving our world.

I really do enjoy nature walks... So peaceful... SO enjoyable.

Trekking across a bridge.. No matter how high or low the bridges are, I still don't enjoy crossing it. Especially with a DSL camera in my bag...

Trekking into the forest...

Really reminds me of home... Not the city life...

After the trek... every feet were soaked... Geli feeling... Just look at the expressions.

The jungle trekking was not all we did that day.. The 3km walk was just quarter of a distance we had to walk for the day. After changing into slippers, went out to town for lunch. I can seriously tell you. The restaurants around Kuala Selangor Nature Park SUCKS.... We went to one cafe called ABZ cafe or something like that and when we sat down, the waitress didn't see us. We waved, we call, she looked over and totally ignored us. Like WTH!!! So we did the Chinese Way. We got up and left.. No use giving them Business.. Service slow too.. Some of the one's who got there early had to sit in there waiting for 1 hour. So they had to rush to get back on the bus. After lunch, which was about 2/2:30 p.m., we waited for the lecturers to brief us on where we need to do our site analysis. So with 5 in a group (which we arranged before the camp)
Me, Darren, YC, Hau Yee and Genie in one group. Li Qun, Sherman, Daphne, Huei Liq and some china dude in the other. Waited till 3 for the briefing. My group got water edge where as Li Qun's got open spaces.. So we had to go our separate ways...

Had to trek back to the lake to just experience nature and shot a few videos and pictures.

i took this time to relax and take a few pictures of my big feet. HAHA..

This picture was used for the video to show tranquility.

Y.C. and Hau Yee taking pictures

The wild life at the nature park.

Beautiful Nature....

Group picture.. The one in green is Genie...

Finished thee sit analysis at 7 but had to skip dinner because we haven't even started on making the video presentation for the night so we had to rush. Had problems with the videos so it took us longer than expected to make the video. We even had to sweet talk the lecturers to allow is to finish up the video. "We're saving. We're saving." is all we told the lecturers when I was still making the video. The scene was so funny. Too bad I couldn't take pictures of it. The lecturer gave us ten minutes and then he asked us to leave the room. Tried to finish off the video but suddenly there was a blackout so I had to work in the dark. Then standing outside, it started to rain. Thank God then. We got 1 whole hour to do the video. When we thought we were finished, Li Qun's Laptop couldn't publish the video... What a night. Luckily we got it done when the others were doing their presentation. Whew... Only got to relax after our presentation.. Didn't have dinner that night.. Xing Yi helped us da pao supper and we only got to eat at 2 a.m. When I finally got to shower, NO WATER AT THE HOSTEL!! what a soi soi day... So I guess I have to thank Arizz and Aaron Lau for letting me use their shower at the chalet.. Such good friends...
Day 2 ended like that.. Stayed up another night and sat at the balcony on sleeping bags with new friends and played another round of truth or dare.. Many dares... It was interesting to see. Thats all I can say..

okay... I wrote a bit too much.. Day 3 I will Update another time... Nothing much... But nice pictures... So till then.. This post shall be labeled (too)

To be continued.....

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