Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Of sleepless nights and 3Ds Max7

Ahh... Another subject down, one more presentation to do. I am just glad that I managed to finish my 3D video just in time and am quite happy with the results. So let me introduce you to my video. please enjoy, "The Sunset House" done by me using the program, 3Ds Max 7 using the mental ray render-er. The assignment was to create a house as realistic as possible using the 3D program and make a 30 second animation/video of it. Well, here it is. Not really real but good enough I guess. Hope I can improve this skill in the future.

Well, I am going to sleep now. Continue with my studio work in the morning. Haven't slept in 2 days just to wait for the whole animation to render. Hectic stuff. 30 second of frames, 1 frame takes around 6-11 minutes to render. You do the math. That was how long I had to wait for the whole thing to be done. I used 3 computers just to finish this short video. So, please do comment on it. I don't mind critics. So go on, shoot. HAHA... Wish me luck in my Studio presentation. Ciaoz

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Farewell gathering, 12/11/08

During my study week, I had an unexpected phone call from Su-Lyn asking me whether I was free on the 12th of November to attend a farewell party for Kyle and also a small gathering for the Ex-Mufians. Yea, it has been 2 years since our gang met up with each other. Different colleges/universities is the major factor in why we seldom met up after our graduation night. Anyway, I guess this gathering was also a farewell gathering because Kane, Stanley and Iggy will be flying off to Melbourne as well in March. Talking about bad timing, my exams was the week after but part of me told me to take a break and join them and enjoy the night.

Place to meet was "Thai-Thai" located in Pyramid's new wing. If you really fancy Thai food, "Thai-Thai" is not the place I would recommend you to go. Yes, the ambiance is nice but the food is just not great. And it is expensive too. Okay, back to the post. Well, we were supposed to meet at 7. But you know, 7 actually means 8. HAHA. Well, the 2 people I met up with first at 7 (the punctual ones) were Natasha and Pui Yee. 5 minutes later, we met Jia Yee. While we chatted and waited for the rest, I found out that we all changed in a way. We did mature. Everyone is either busy working during the holidays or doing their internships and stuff. Oh well, that is life huh?

The hostess only arrived at 730 p.m. 5 minutes after Chia Yee and Mashella arrived. But where are the guys? Well, we found out later that they were on their way from Penang. Hmmmm.... HAHA.... But they made it at 8p.m.

"Where are you? We all waiting for you!"

Pui Yee as cheerful as ever.

We decided to wait for the guys before we took our order. Looking at the menu, I decided to order Thai Green Curry for dinner. When the guys finally arrived, we ordered up and we started chit chatting like when we were in MUFY. Sad that some couldn't make it. Choon Choon was having her finals, Ranjiniy didn't have transport, Alan was still in Penang because he was following another group, and Vivien, Claire and Sam are in Australia. So it was actually a very small gathering.

Guy in yellow: Thats kyle and the girl next to him is Chia Yee

Stanley and Kane.

The entertainment for the night was chit chatting and enjoying each other's company. BAhh.. I seriously need a better flash. My camera could not catch the nice ambiance in the restaurant. Well, after dinner, decided to get some group shot just for memories sake. And as usual, these people just couldn't stop moving to get a nice clear shot.

See what I mean.


Eventually, I got a nice shot of everyone.

Then a shot with me in the picture. Decided to use a timer and the chair as my tripod. The picture is blur.. Forgot to turn on the flash. But what's the use... The flash is just too annoying also. HAHA. But the shot was okay. Nothing to complain about.

Then the gals wanted a picture with Kyle, JUST because he is leaving.

He looks happy... Of course, it is because he is surrounded by pretty girls.

The leng luis. Anyone interested? HAHA.

After a few long goodbyes, and some more pictures. I had to say goodbye to them. My family is in K.L. as well, and also because I had to rush finishing the model of the diver's point. I don't regret taking sometime off assignments and meet up with these guys. It's nice to meet up with them again. Ahh... Hope we do meet up with each other in the future.

From left: Kyle, Iggy (with the cap), Mashella, Stanley and Natasha.

Ermm.. Sorry guys for updating this post so late. Please understand how busy I was. HAHA.. Well, here it is. It has been uploaded. Well, hope to see you all soon.. Good luck Pui Yee in your job and also Natasha who went to California to work (so lucky) and to Kyle who is migrating to Australia. Well, back to waiting for my 3d max model to finish rendering. To all ex-Mufians who missed it. "Don't worry, Jom! lets plan something before I head back to Sibu for the December holidays."


p.s. the reason I did not snap any pictures of the food is because it was nothing special. The place I recommend to go for nice and reasonable Thai food is at Taipan called "Thai corner". Order the Green curry there. It is just so YUMMY.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art exhibition at Taylors PJ, 06/11/08

Okay, this is actually a very delayed event which happened a couple of weeks ago. You know, exams, assignments, studio and all. Remember the Gajah-gajah art workshop? Well, this is a continuation. Well, not really. SABD had an art exhibition to showcase then sale the paintings for charity. The charity goes to one of the children's home somewhere in P.J. Not bad huh? Well, this is the first time I got to really experience and help out with an exhibition at the gallery. I saw some nice artworks from the other group. But I still felt that most of the good ones were the ones painted on the day I joined. I am not being "perasan" okay... It's a fact. I didn't sell my piece. Selfish me wants to keep it for memory sake. HAHA. Well, here are some of the scenes at the art exhibition and also some of the art pieces put up on display.

The event kicked off with Mr. Tony, the Director of SABD (School of Architecture, Building and Design) giving his opening speech and then selecting an artwork to purchase to give it to the Dean of Melbourne University as a gift from Taylors. And guess which painting was chosen?

Yap, the graffitti art was chosen to be the gift. Yes, it was one of the best art piece on display that day.

He officiated the purchase by sticking a sticker one it. Sounds weird right? Well, architecture is never a norm. So things we do might seem weird at times.

It's MINEE!!!!

My two favorite pictures.

The lecturers really made the gallery having the feal of a real art gallery. Big space, bright sunlight aiming on the artworks. But actually, the small is kinda small. And there were many people coming to take a look at the paintings.

And of course, where there is food, coffee or tea, you will see student minggling around the food table, chit chatting and munching away. HAHA... But, its a good thing. Archi students need their break and free food at times. Making models can cost us a heavy load each time.

Enjoying the coffee and the company of others.

The two willing models posing with a painting.

The college's media photographer, photographing all the events that goes on in college.

Enjoying the paintings.

Even the lecturers were enjoying the time to miggle with each other and the students and talk about art.

Okay... Enough about art without showing you the masterpieces from the students. Here are some of the paintings I personally love. Excluding the Graffitti art that is, enough of it.

Artwork done by Clement. The painting was bought by Ms. Shereen if I am not mistaken. I love the effects of the painting. Though it looks simple, but the usage of colours are unique.

Contrasting the squares,

Is the circles. Don't know who is the artist, but this painting just screams:
"Take a picture of me!!!"

Buildings in the trees? Nice huh? Very suitable for those who still thinks Sarawakians stay on trees. HAHA. And no, we Sarawakians stay in HOUSES.

Futuristic painting. Very playful yet meaningful. As we enter the future. Lets not forget about nature as well.

Blue and black always looks cool.

Frank Gehry's Guggeinhiem Museum.

And of the most unique pictures. No matter how I photoshop it, enhance the colours and contrast and all, it still looks terrific in the colours. But after I editted it to this point, I felt that this was the best. Very artsy. Don't you agree?

Then to the dark paintings.

The isolation really makes me feel isolated. This painting for me is really eerie feeling. Don't know why.

V for Vandetta. But doesn't this look spooky? In a way that is. HAHA...

And finally, one of the most emotional paintings. A lonely bear bear in a lonely lonely word. It looks so sad... I felt like buying this painting but ME NO CASH!!! Sorry teddy. I hope you were bought.......

HAHA... That is all folks. Well, exams are finally over, so this means I can update the blog quite often now. Well, I have a few post to write it, so please be patient. I still have 3 important things to do for this semester. One is to finish the rendering for 3ds Max and presentation for Studio 2. Wish me luck..

It's time for us to say Goodbye to staying over in college, and staying in the library bounded by our books.

On being all stressed out and angry. (Inside joke. Need to look at Najat's MSN nick then you will understand. HAHA)

And goodbyes to long hours staring into the computer screen...

Holidays are near. I feel like I want to fly soon. Oh well, Back to work. One more week till everything is over. YAY!!!!

Coming up on the future posts, "Farewell to Kyle/ Gathering for MUFians", "Happy 21st Aaron. From your family", "3ds Max final outcome" and of course "The making of Studio 2"

Look forward to it people. Till then. Ciaoz.. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneak peak..

Yes yes yes... I know I know... How can I disappear after such an "emo" post? Well, I been attending to "her" and the breakup is nearly complete. Well, everyone loves sneak peak right? Well, let me introduce you all to my pretty. She is finally completed, and all I have to do is wait till December 1st to "break up" with her. HAHA. Well, for those who still don't get the joke, the "girlfriend" (in the previous post) I was referring to is my Studio 2 final assignment which is to design a Diver's Point in Pulau Redang. Oh ya, December 1st is my crit day which means my design, model, presentation, etc etc. will be evaluated on that day so, the "break up" means I finally get to have my long waited holidays. Lame, I know. Well, that is what assignments, exams, and stress can do to a person. Without further ado, I give to you, MY DIVER'S POINT.

Worked hard on it. Tried to do it as neatly as possible. I am so happy that the effect that I wanted appeared in the model as well. Well, this is only a sneak peak so you will just have to wait till I am free-er to update this blog. This post is just to assure that the blog is not dead.

Well, another sneak preview is my 3d Max 7 assignment. Thanks to Charles, we got another 2 days extension... Wheww..... But so far so good. Managed to finish the lighting and the furnishings for the living room of the house... What do you think?

Real enough?

Well, on the bright side, my beloved family including my grandma came to visit after their tour in Vietnam. Haih.... they just had to kacau me... Well, At least my parents got some nice photos from the trip.

AHHHHHHHH... I seriously need a vacation.

Okayyyyy... Its time to get back to studying for my Services 2 paper which is on Friday and finishing up, the 3d Max assignment, the presentation board for my model, a portfolio and prepare a presentation after today. AIKS!!!!! I miss my bed!!!! AND MY LIFEEE!!!!

Wish me all the best... I really need it..
Sorry, Sneak peak so short post.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Major breakup....

Why are you always giving me all this shitz bout me not spending enough time with you?
That I do not think enough of you?
What did I ever do to you to make you think I think less of you each day?
I been with you for quite some time already.
But you seem to be the thing that always stresses me out.
I thought that we are suppose to help mold each other,
but it seems like I am molding you and you are not doing anything at all.
I have spent so much money on you.
Buying things to make you look better and better each day.
I can't sleep and I can't eat because of you.
I stay up late thinking of you and only you.
There is just too much to do,
I don't know what else I have to do anymore.

Its time for me to tell you this.

I want to break up with you.
I am leaving you.
I have set the date.
December 1st will be the day I leave you.
I will talk about you one last time.

It must be done.
I have no other choice.
I am in love with another.
Miss Holiday is her name.
She will be rolling in to de-stress me.
She will give me the treatment that I so dearly need.
Sorry for cheating on you,
I am so sorry dear studio2...
But I have enough.. Good bye and take care...

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, to continue off from the last post, the day we celebrated Halloween was also Clement's birthday and also Chii's birthday so aaroncwl.blogspot.com would like to wish them a happy belated birthday. Well, I did wish them on that day of course. Well, after the crit session with Mr. Cheah, some were already waiting outside to surprise Chii with not a birthday cake, but a sushi set.

Sushi galore.....

Ben, the goth waiter.

With one candle on top of one of the sushi, they waited for the signal to enter the room. The signal was when Mr Cheah said:"See you next week." Then the lights were turned off and the "cake" was brought in. With a birthday song and an emotional speech given by Chii (which I dare not upload in youtube), he shared his sushi set with all of us. How sweet of him. Well, after a couple of group pictures, Lameville AB (C had to go home to celebrate his birthday with his family I think) went out together for dinner.

Happy Birthday Chii, from Lameville ABC and your friends in SABD

The occasion was revealled accidentally when Wai Sie called her parents and say:"We are going out to celebrate Aaron's birthday." HAHA... Awwwww.... The surprise was ruined. So as usual, I will be one of the drivers and they said we should go to the Curve and one say go to Midvalley. But in the end, we decided to go to Pyramid.

Thank goodness for me. As I later found out why they wanted to go so far away from the Subang area and that the surprise was not just going out to dinner with me. As we walked to my car (Benjamin and Aaron were also following, I wondered why because Benjami's car was in a totally different place.), I noticed that my car was replaced with another car wrapped in newspaper. My heart was racing as I thought someone had stolen my car. Upon looking closer, I realised that "That WAS my car!" and then the waves of laughter came rolling in. The guys somehow tricked me into telling them where I parked my car. Yap... Hau Yee did ask where I parked my car earlier in the day but I was too busy to wonder why she asked or suspect anything.

The mischefs who "decorated" my old honda accord....

The catch, I had to drive my car in that condition for 24 hours. Try to imagine the stares that I received from the passer-bys. Thank goodness Wai Sie asked me to wash off the Make-up befor dinner, or else people would have thought I was an insane person and definately the police will stop me if they saw me. HAHA.

Posing with their artwork....

At Pyramid, we always had the dilema of where we should go eat. They pestered me to make a dicision because it was "My day". So after walkin around for 5 minutes, I suggested Ole Ole Bali because most of them, or all of them never been there before and its something new besides Japanese food and TGI Friday.

With the sounding of the gong, we can now sit down and chill or the rest of the day and have a peaceful dinner. Sitting down at the table with one Aaron on each end, we order our meal.

Not knowing what is good and what is not, I recommended some things on the menu for them which I think is a must try at Ole Ole Bali.

With the nice ambience, we just chit chat and chilled. We need more of this..
This is Lifeeeeeee.... And we seldom have that. As Architecture students that is.

Hau Yee taking a look at the photos which were taken from the day's events while waiting for the food.

Being able to sit down, chill and chat is indeed a gift.

What did we talk about? Well, I can't remember all of it but it was mostly on the things we saw and did in the day. About our studio work and the feedback we got from the tutors and all that jazz. As soon as the food and drinks were served, everyone just dug in.

We were all tired and hungry, especially those like Wai Sie who was having her Supbrunner (supper, breakfast, lunch and dinner.).

Nasi Campur Ole Ole. One of the must tries... And of course,

The Ole Ole Trio.

Wai Sie enjoying her dinner. HAHA... What a nice shot! If I do say so myself.

Halfway through the dinner, I called out:"Hey guys look her, Take a picture." And they were all ready. Except for Li Qun, as usual. HAHA.

Li Qun and his lover, his handphone. Its like stuck to his hand all the time.

And no dinner is complete without a final group picture isn't it. HAHA.. Thanks Guys for the wonderful surprise. Really enjoyed your company.


After dinner, we all just wanted to go back and sleep. We all stayed up the previous night doing our studio work.. Sleep is treasured by all of us indeed.

A final picture with the car they decorated.

Brought those who stays at Mentari back and then I was on my way home, alone, in the car they decorated. It was soooooo embarrasing. The good thing was, the other cars on the road gave way to me. How cool was that. However, reaching home, The guard nealy didn't let me go in. I guess they were wondering What in the world was I doing because they gave me the "stare'.

The worst part didn't end there. The most embarrasing was driving to college the next morning and getting stuck in the jam. I guess the motorcyclist or the other motorist had had some amusement today. They could even read the outdated news if they were bored. HAHA.

Here Guys... this is the proof that I did not remove the newspaper. See I'm sporting enough. HAHA.

And Finally, The Gift.

Wrapped in Newspaper, showing 8 decorated fingers from the Digi advertisement was my present for my 21st birthday.

It was a book! I am getting the hint now. HAHA.... Well, yea, I was thinking of getting this book due to some relationship and communication problems which I faced these couple of months. Thanks guys for being so concerned. HAHA... I will try to read it, but not this month... Assignment ahhhhh....

To end this post, I just like to thank all these amazing people I call my friends for celebrating my 21st birthday with me. You guys are the best. Well, not forgetting to thank all those who wished me Happy Birthday via SMS, Facebook, MSN or friendster.

And also to my family for calling me early in the morning to wish me a Happy Birthday amd also to my brother Bryan who "chia" me dinner at,

Sushi Zanmai at Pyramid.

Didn't manage to take a picture of what I ate but manage to get a shot of the ice-cream desert.

Thanks Bro.

Okay, its back to work, then sleep, then work again. Ciaoz. And for those having their finals. Gambate and God bless. For those who are having their holidays, Yay for you. HAHA.. Happy holidays.