Monday, March 30, 2009

Genesis Culture...

This is my first time buying a T-shirt which costs more than RM20 besides charity shirts and club shirts. But this was an exception, I got this shirt because it was how do you say, A Limited Edition by one of the designers of Genesis Culture, Daryl in his series, Dreamwalker. If you are interested, you can visit Genesis Culture at the website

So I went to their booth last Saturday and got this T-shirt with the name Food for Thought but sadly they did not have my size so they said they will deliver it to me. So I paid the RM40 for the shirt. Why??? Because I felt it was the best way to express myself while doing my Studio work.

So it arrived today, together with Darren's t-shirt from another series.

From the bag, it still looks okay. But did you wonder why it is called food for thought?

Well, this is why.......

Literally Food for Thought. Eat your brains out. HAHA.... Well, it is an interesting way of expressing myself in a design class. Taking ideas from our lecturers aye? HAHA..

Who says I will just eat the brain for ideas, I will eat the bulb also. Love the shirt. Sadistic I know but its a cool cool idea.

Too look for more designs from this designer,
you can visit
For others, just visit their Main website,

This made my day... Facebook is so the hilarious...

Aaron completed the quiz "Are You Clinically Insane?" with the result Sociopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder).
You don't care about rules. You don't care about inflicting pain. In fact, you don't care about anything besides fulfilling your own twisted desires, regardless of the cost to others. This is what makes persons with Antisocial Personality Disorder capable of anything, and thus, the most dangerous of all crazies. Maybe you're not a serial killer... maybe you just take advantage of people at any available opportunity. Maybe you steal for the fun of it, maybe you enjoy hurting people's feelings, or manipulating those around you, pitting them against each other for your own amusement. In any case, you're a sick f***. Get help..

I am a sick F***. HAHAHAHAHHA... And you wanna know what? I took the how loyal are you as a friend test as well as it says I am loyal.. So some points for you to ponder today... Do you want a Loyal Sociopath Friend? HAHAHAHA...... Now I can face the world with a Smile on my face (joker style).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour... Hmmmmmm......

From KLCC, we took the LRT down to Dang Wangi to get to Cap Square for the Earth Hour event and also to view the K.L. Design Week exhibition there. Okay, just to clear things up. I support Earth but I don't support the event. Darren written his view on his blog and Sherman and Daphne have been trying to bombard and debate against me. So to end this. We have our own views on the situation and the event. You want to tell me that it is to show awareness to the people in Malaysia, I do understand that. They had to do publicity stunts like the concert and the candles and the walk of hope or whatever it is called and I accept that. But are you trying to tell me that we have to sacrifice energy and the planet before fighting for the cause? Okay, okay... Will show you what I mean as you read down.

So these are the buddies I hanged out with at Earth Hour. Like I said, I don't support. Its just another event just to hang out with my friends and take photographs. Yes, I am insensitive so deal with it.

Reaching Cap Square, they had a Bazaar where they sell things and use plastic bags and all (very environmental indeed) and also, music was blasting and to my surprise, there was a concert going on. And the best part was....

They were lighting candles and putting it in paper cups. Now correct me if I am wrong but by turning off the lights for one hour, and wasting paper cups and lighting candles is so eco-friendly indeed. And you know what, the paper cups are not even recycled paper cups. Oh come on, the irony of the event.

Look how many PAPER CUPS used!!!

Besides that, after the lights were off at 830pm, the party continues. I was imagining electricless performances but I was wrong, the electronics were still on. So, usually turn on just the lights, today we turn off, we use it for the P.A. System loo... Fair enough (get my point???) And during the performances, the organizers were giving out free rubberbands in support of Earth Hour and everyone were rushing, literally up the stage to snatch the bands. Imagine if they gave out 100 bands, then in one week, after the event, it all ends up at the rubbish dump somewhere in Malaysia ( how is this helping the environment again?? Please enlighten me.)

And yes, lets not forget,

The hundreds and hundreds of paper cups and candles to create the number 60 in conjunction of earth hour.

And the best part was, Malaysian being Malaysians, after 930 pm, when the event is over, and the lights are back on, everyone forgotten the purpose of the event and just left their paper cups everywhere. And the organisers have to clean up of course. Creating awareness? How? People are just treating it like another party. A "reason" for celebration. Seriously pointless I tell you. Yes, yes, Learn learn learn, the organisers must learn, the people must learn. We all need to learn.
And for me, I didn't hold a cup, I just took pictures. So in a way, I didn't support the event. I supported earth by not getting the rubber band and by not holding up a cup with the candle. That is how I support earth in a way. Disagree if you want. But in the end.. Think about it... How did it benefit the earth by turning the lights off for one hour and create more waste Instead...... But Thanks for trying then...

I did have fun. Having fun watching the performances and fell in love with a song.

Here is My Home by the Malaysian Artistes for Unity. Seem to fall in love with local music after every event. Which is good. They are getting better and better. I am indeed proud of our local artists. But somehow, the radio stations don't reeally promote their music.

So here is the Fire-breathing show at Earth Hour.

Well, Have a great week ahead.

K.L. Design Week Exhibition at Pasar Seni & Cap Square K.L.

K.L. Design Week started yesterday with exhibitions scattered around K.L. City, so just to continue with the chilling out sessions from the previous futsal day, we headed for Pasar Seni or Central Market to view the Couple Artists exhibitions. And the theme was "THE LIVING ROOM Artistic designs by artistic couples." If you are interested, the works will be exibited till 12th of April 2009 from 11am-7pm daily at "The Annexe Gallery", 2nd floor, Central Market Annexe, K.L. For more info, you can log into

Well, on the brochure, it explains it like this "Six romantically and artistically linked couples investigate the relationship between the domestic space and artistic expression. Transforming everyday practical objects into functional art pieces, these visual artists, designers and architects prove that home is where the art is." Cool huh? Well, when we entered the gallery, we were attracted to this piece of art hanging on the wall. And when we read the brochure, we saw our former lecturer Fabian Tan's name on the list together with one of my crit for studio one which I am not going to reveal the name for the sake of his privacy. Well, we later found out from him via a phone call that the piece we were amzed by was his. Yes yes, this was once the infamous Fabian who created hell for us in studio 1. But I need to thank him really, his ways helped me hearn to push myself more into thinking when designing. So let me introduce you to his piece of art.

Its folded canvas. Nive huh? Folding architecture is not new but this really attracts people as a piece of art.

The texture and shades creates and even the colour creates the sort of harmony which is divine in its own way.

And hung on the wall, it just looks great in many different angles.

The other exhibitions were very interesting as well. Like this curtain art.

I don't mind owning one of these.

And Bean bag art...

Who doesn't love bean bags in their living rooms???

Then there was also these piece where the artists themselves were still there assembling the art work. It is supposedly a shade. And this really inspires me for my current studio work. Sometimes through art, we find our inspiration.

I love the shadows created by combining the light and the art.

Oh yea, there is also this unique table by couple Johanna Varghese & Simon Keogh. The only reason I know this is because the usher told us about it. Since its the one piece most of the people in the room knows about.

And there is also.... For those who love pink and adores dogs...

Well, for me it looks pink, but Li Qun said its maroonish red. I don't know. To me, its pink.
To read more on their desciptions, I just found this site, *click* to view the artist themselves and why they did this..

After viewing the pieces, we decided to go to KLCC for the U.K. Education fair but we were somehow pulled in by this native American musician who plays the pan flutes and all the traditional native instruments of south America. He is from Peru by the way.

And he was selling his music and also handcrafted flutes to tourists. We decided to support him and bought a CD which cost RM 40. Will upload one or two songs when I am free-er. Or you can head down to Pasar Seni and hear him play live.

Went to KLCC, walked till 5+ then went to Times Square to look for Digimon (Don't ask, its just for childhood memory sake but we couldnt find.) then headed for Gasoline at Sungai Wang to have our dinner before heading for Cap Square for the Earth hour thing and for the other art exhibition there.

Darren loves his new toy...

Li Qun emo because he doesn't have one.

And Gordon just being Gordon.

Well, headed for Cap Square after dinner and met up with Chong Wai, Sherman and his friend, Jess and her friend, Liyana, Wern Harn and Wai Sie to attend the Earth Hour event which I still feel that it is pointless but I won't be writing it here because this post is on K.L. Design week. So after 930 pm when all the lights went back on, we headed for the exhibition in the mall and saw some very interesting arts. From t-shirt designs, to graphics, to interiors and also jewelery.

Follow the RABBIT!!! WO HOO...... Yes, I am born in the year of the Rabbit...

Some interesting lights... There were many, but I personally liked this two the most. More appealing.

Then the Jewelry designs. Girls, I know your eyes must be big big big now, but since I am a guy and I know, they won't want me to show it so you won't say:"Nehh, I want the necklace I saw on Aaron's blog." So here is what I am going to do. I am going to give you their website so you can view it yourselves. Couple necklace, One of a Kind only costs around RM 230. And its really one of its kind. You can see and view their stuff at

But it is intersting to see how they get their inspiration in creating their jewelry and of course, it inspires me.

"What you can do, we cannot do and what we can do, you cannot do. But together, we can do something beautiful. ~Mothere Teresa" - Agreed...

Then there were some very interesting graphics. So unique and to me, cute.

These pieces are by ROOMISM....

Take a look.....

Such adorable drawings...

I like this wall. Must have taken a long time to finish this 4 sided piece of art. Art must be appreciated because of the time and dedication artists put into their work.

And there were also selling cushions with custom animation if you are interested.

And not forgetting,

Taylor's very own booth was displayed at K.L. Design Week to showcase some of the students work.

Well, that is all for now, will try to go to the other exhibitions when time allows. Oh yea, I also bought a t-shirt which I will soon take picture of and post up to show how I feel. HAHA... Till the next post, wait, the next post is on Earth hour which is up in like in another minute. HAHA... Have fun reading. And hopefully you have been inspired by the designers as they had inspired me. Do visit these exhibitions. You won't regret it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just another Gimmick....

I feel that Earth Hour is just another gimmick. How can turning off your light for an hour make any difference to our environment. Some more at night and on a Saturday! Its like WTH! Why cant they have this event during the day time when all the offices are working and they turn on the bloody lights even if there is day light? Whats the use of turning it off at night when we really need the light? Think about it... Its just another bloody gimmick for nothing!

So, I am not a supporter for tomorrow's event! Bloody Gimmick!

But don't get me wrong. I still love our earth... Just that I don't support the event...

Friday, March 27, 2009

What has been going on????

Thank goodness the week is over and the weekends are here. Had our studio's interim session yesterday and boy was it an insight on what I need to do next. I spent the past few days staying awake to complete most of my plans and drawings. Let me see, I didn't even get a wink of sleep from Wednesday morning till Thursday 6 p.m. Talk about an Archi students life. Slept from 6 p.m. yesterday till 8 a.m. this morning. And guess what? I still have my migraine.

Well, today, went for futsal with a bunch of friends. It was a friendly game between Studio 3 and Studio 4. It was great to be able to sweat all the months of stress out. I guess everyone enjoyed it and also acquired one injury or another. Even the girls joined in and had a match on their own. Then they joined us guys and it was a funny scene to watch.

So, I plan to have a wonderful weekend. Planning to visit some of the exhibitions being held around K.L. in conjunction with K.L. Design week. Anyone interested? If you want more information of this, you can view their website And also the gang plans to go for an outing for tommorow's Earth hour thing. Honestly, I don't really understand how this works. How can turning off the lights for an hour make a difference? Ahh well.

Oh yea, thank you Jess for the "lovely" post on yours truly. If you guys are wondering what I am talking about, *click here*. Not funny okay.... Well, laugh it all out.

I was not angry okay...Just tired.... And boy do I look ugly if I go bald one day...
But anyway... Thank you Jess for the enlightening post on me.. :)
Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

TCPJ Campus Day, 22/3/2009

I was working yesterday. On a Sunday. At college. As... A photographer. Okay, enough with the short sentences. Yesterday, I "volunteered" to be a helper/photographer for TCPJ's Campus day with a Wai Sie, Li Qun, Darren, Hau Yee, Najat, Chong Wai, Aaron L and Benjamin. The last three mentioned were working with me as photographers while the rest were to give parents a tour of the college and see the respective classes, studios, etc. the students will be using. And for the photographers, we were to take pictures of parents and their children when they came, and then rush to develope their pictures and then later pass it to them after it was developed. Sounds like an easy job? Yes and no. Yes because it was fun, snapping photos then developing it then looking for them after the pictures are developed but doing this for 8 hours gets a bit redundant and boring in the end.

While working, don't forget to service with a smile.

The redundancy of the day was saying: "Good morning, would you like a complimentary photo by Taylors. It is like a souvenir for visiting the Campus day." But, it was great to see how some reacted and were willing to let us snap a photo of them. Some just didn't bother. *Getting rejected hurts...* HAHA... Just joking. I am getting paid for rejection anyway...

After taking their photographs, there were then escorted into the Multi-purpose hall to enquire about the courses they were interested in then later were given a Tour (if they wanted) of the campus.
Here are some scenes in the Hall.

Need help? Find these counsellors. They will brief you on the courses you are interested in.

Some parents did approach us and ask us about how the college was and all. All we could do was to be honest and voiced out opinion. Taylors is a good college but its not 100% perfect. Every institution have their flaws. Besides, its not where you graduate, its about your passion in learning and how you plan your future. * I sound like I am promoting the college* HAHA.... Hopefully someone from the head office sees this. *hem hem promoting reward Hem Hem*.

Well, the day went pretty well. Thanks to the DJ who playes some awesome music to entertain us standing outside the hall. Got to know him a bit. But I forgotten his name. So if anyone recognise him or if the DJ reads this post. Do comment on it, intro yourself.

*Rip it up mr. DJ.*

But the best part was to be able to hang out with friends and seeing them doing stupid poses. But its a must keep.

Super posers. *From left: Hau Yee, Najat, Jason, Darren, Li Qun, Wai Sie and ermm.. forgot his name already but he is from SABD too.

Wai Sie and Hau Yee after coming back from giving a tour.

Random moments captured on camera.

And the best part about working is that, you get to know new faces and making new friends.

Ermmm... Not going to tag any incase name wrong. HAHA.. *Paiseh...*

But at the end of the day....
Its just great fun..... So pose for the camera...


Hospitality And Tourism...


Taylors Design School.

And not forgetting,

SABD- School Of Architecture, Building and Design.

Oh ya... don''t forget the staff.

Who worked so hard and were tired but still willing to pose for the camera.

After working from 9 A.M. till 530 P.M. and getting our pay which is RM40 (I know, its not much), the People in Black cam-whored in front of the college.

We are cool people...

And after chilling on the steps for half an hour, the gang decided to go to Ampang look-out-point to watch the sunset and maybe grab something to eat. Wai Sie and Chong wai had to go home first but replacing them were Gordon and Sherman who were doing work in the Digital Lab.

This shows how tired we were.

Reached the peak of the look-out-point just in time to get these shots. Me love the sunset.
Ampang Lookout Point

Ampang Lookout Point

Ampang Lookout Point

But then, my battery went dead so had to resort to using my compact camera. But i still managed to take a nice shot of Kuala Lumpur at night.

KL City at night

That is all for this post. Well, lets see.. Work for 8 hours earn RM40, 3 hours later, spent RM20.. Arghhhh..... Money is hard to save....
Well, for those who want the photos, just contact me at or just comment on the comment box and I will send the photos to you.

Have a great week ahead.. Kudos